Student Employment

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Night Assistant

Rate: $8.30
Contact Information:
Rebecca Lynn


Applicant must have a minimum of a 2.25 GPA at time of application and hiring. The purpose of the Night Assistant position is to serve as an "extra set of eyes and ears" in the residence hall common areas from 12am-4am assisting residents, enforcing policy, and ensuring the building is secure. NA's are expected to work at least two nights during the week (Sunday-Thursday) and approximately four weekend nights per month (Friday-Saturday).

Other Notes:

Necessary skills to be productive at this type of position are the ability to confidently confront situations, take instructions as needed, assist residents with questions or concerns. When you submit a completed application, you are placed in the "candidate pool" along with other candidates applying for the position. Applications will be reviewed as positions become available. Candidates that make it through the screening process will be considered for an interview. Interview preference will be given to on-campus residents.

Recycling Crew

Rate: 8.75
Contact Information:
Ryan Siegel


The Office of Energy and Sustainability is hiring people to work on the recycling crew. The recycling crew transports recyclable materials from buildings to CCAR Industries or Facilities Planning and Management. This requires lifting of recycling materials (30-40 lbs average, occasional heavy items 75-90 lbs) for loading and unloading and driving of F350 dump trucks. Students must also be able to get in and out of the truck and the bed portion for loading and unloading. 1 year driving experience required, driving of dump trucks a plus. The Recycling Crew starts no earlier than 7AM and ends no later than 3PM Monday through Friday. The job is outdoors in all kinds of weather. (sun, rain, snow, heat, cold, etc.) Crews work in pairs. The typical crew member works 10-15 hrs/wk in the fall and 8-10 hrs/wk in the spring. To apply, send a brief resume and the answer to the following questions: What do you want to do with your degree, once you receive it?  Why do you want to work on the Recycling Crew? Submissions can be sent to   Crew members must be able to work 8AM-4PM, Thursday before Fall Semester starts.