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Disbursement Schedule

The first disbursement for each semester occurs on Monday night after the semester begins. If your financial aid file is 100% complete, your aid will be disbursed to your student account. You can check the PAWS system to confirm that your aid has disbursed. If you have a refund, the Student Accounts Office is responsible for producing and distributing the refund checks. Refunds can be automatically deposited into your bank account. You may sign up for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) for account refunds at Student Accounts, Old Main Building.

How to check to see if your financial aid has disbursed

  1. Log into PAWS
  2. Click on "Student and Financial Aid"
  3. Click on "Financial Aid"
  4. Click on "Award"
  5. Click on "Award History"
  6. Disbursed amount will show in "Paid to Date" column

Some common reasons why your financial aid does not disburse

  • Number of enrolled hours does not match the number of hours packaged for financial aid
  • Disbursement Authorization Form has not been returned to our office
  • Grade class reported on FAFSA does not match school records
  • Attendance in Continuing Education courses must be verified
  • Selective Service Card not completed
  • Missing and/or incomplete Promissory Note for loan
  • Satisfactory Progress Requirements not satisfied
  • Entrance Counseling not completed for first-time Federal Loan borrower