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The Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences now has an online program designed specifically for FCS teachers!

The Masters of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences Online Cohort Program is specifically designed for current FCS teachers. The program allows for the flexibility needed to maintain full-time employment while attending graduate school. Cohort members learn both from experienced EIU faculty and from one another as they move through the specifically designed course sequence. In addition, course assignments are tailored to the needs of classroom teachers.

The program consists of 36 semester hours of graduate coursework. The sequence of courses is introduced with a Summer residency on the campus of EIU (July 11-23, 2016). During the residency members of the cohort can meet one another and members of the SFCS graduate faculty, participate in an orientation session and get to know the campus and community resources (e.g., possible internship sites for potential EIU students, wineries, local landmarks), and complete FCS 4838 Pattern Development and Design in the schools state-of-the-art Textile Laboratory and FCS 4753 Nutrition and the Addicted Person. On-campus housing options will be available to students who are admitted to the program. Cohort members will also complete one of the following: (a) thesis, (b) independent study, (c) internship and comprehensive examinations. The full degree can be completed within 7 semesters (a little over two years) if the course sequence is followed.

The program also offers options for a full semester of Study Abroad in South Africa and brief domestic trips (e.g., Walt Disney World, New York City, Las Vegas) during holiday breaks.

Applications are due March 1st

Applying is a two-part process: apply to EIU's Graduate School here; and apply to the FCS Online Cohort here

Program Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from an accredited institution, a 2.75 GPA or higher, and current employment as an FCS high school teacher.

Required Courses:

  • FCS 4753 Nutrition and the addicted person*
  • FCS 4770 Family budgeting and debt management
  • FCS 4838 Pattern development and design*
  • FCS 4854 Parent-child study and community involvement
  • FCS 4926 Public presentation techniques
  • FCS 5157 Disordered eating behaviors
  • FCS 5158 Childhood obesity
  • FCS 5301 Consumer and management problems of older people
  • FCS 5460 Current issues and trends
  • FCS 5852 Adolescence and the family
  • FCS 5850 Readings in human development and family studies
  • FCS 5900 Research methods in FCS
  • FCS 5901 Statistics in FCS
  • FCS 5990 Independent study/thesis/internship


*Course only offered on Eastern Illinois University’s campus; dates vary from year to year for the on-campus component of the program. July 11-23, 2016 is the on-campus component for the summer 2016 cohort.