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    Dr. Axton E Betz-Hamilton

    Dr. Axton E Betz-Hamilton

    Assistant Professor

    Office: 4321 - Klehm Hall
    Phone: 309-338-9889
    Fax: 217-581-6090
    Email: aebetz@eiu.edu
    Dr. Betz-Hamilton is an Assistant Professor of Consumer Studies.  Her current research is focused on the topics of child identity theft and financial abuse within families.  Her research, which is currently funded by the USDA, Phi Upsilon Omicron, and Kappa Omicron Nu, has received recognition from the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, the Iowa State University Alumni Association, and the Iowa Association  of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Her professional expertise on and personal experiences with child identity theft have been shared with approximately 900 media outlets, including TIME Money, Good Morning America, CBS News, Fox Business News, The Hallmark Channel, and MSNBC.  She is the current Vice President of the Housing Education and Research Association and the current President of the Illinois Consumer Education Association.

    Frequently Taught Courses

    FCS 2270: Housing
    FCS 3300: Personal and Family Finance
    FCS 3750: Undergraduate Independent Study
    FCS 4300: Consumer Issues
    FCS 4770:  Family Budgeting and Debt Management
    FCS 5990: Graduate Independent Study


    Ph.D., 2012, Iowa State University (Human Development and Family Studies)
    M.S., 2007, Purdue University (Consumer Sciences and Retailing)

    Professional Organizations

    American Council on Consumer Interests
    Housing Education and Research Association
    Family Economics and Resource Management Association
    Financial Therapy Association
    Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
    National Council on Family Relations
    Phi Upsilon Omicron
    Illinois Consumer Education Association
    Illinois Council on Family Relations

    Speakers Bureau

    For more information, please visit the Speakers Bureau Webpage.

    Child identity theft, financial abuse within families


    Child identity theft
    Financial abuse within families

    Selected Publications

    Vincenti, V., Betz-Hamilton, A., Browne, L., Goebel, K., & Jasper, C. (2014). Elder financial exploitation via Power of Attorney abuse: An analysis of in-depth interview data from a pilot study. Consumer Interests Annual, 60.

    Lucas, L. & Betz-Hamilton, A.E. (2014). College students and identity theft: Do parents matter? Consumer Interests Annual, 60.

    Vincenti, V., Browne, L., Betz-Hamilton, A., & Jasper, C.R. (2014). Secrecy and elder power of attorney financial exploitation within the family system. Journal of  Consumer Education (in press).

    Betz, A., & Lucas, L.B. (2014). Identity theft: Child. In W. Reiboldt & M. Horn Mallers (Eds.), Consumer survival: An encyclopedia of consumer rights, safety, and protection (pp. 520-522). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

    Tell, D., & Betz, A.E. (2012). Housing issues and solutions for the residents on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota.Journal of Consumer Education, 29, 70-74.
    Walters, W. & Betz, A.E. Medical identity theft (2012). Journal of Consumer Education, 29, 75-79.

    Selected Conference Presentations

    Betz-Hamilton, A., & Nagarajan. A. (2015, April). Financial therapy: An emerging resource for the modern family.  Paper presentation at the 2015 Illinois Council on Family Relations Conference.  Champaign, IL.

    Betz-Hamilton, A. (2014, October). It’s complicated: Financial crimes perpetrated by family members and the role of financial therapy. Oral presentation at the 2014 Financial Therapy Association Conference. Nashville, TN.
    Betz-Hamilton, A. & Nickens, W. (2014, March). Child identity theft: Parent and victim perspectives. Panel presentation at the 2014 Illinois Council on Family Relations Conference. Normal, IL.
    Poders, B. & Betz-Hamilton, A. (2014, March). Elder financial exploitation: An independent study project. Poster presentation at the 2014 Illinois Council on Family Relations Conference.  Normal, IL.

    Funding & Grants

    Vincenti, V.B.; Betz-Hamilton, A., Schatz, M.C.S.; Goebel, K.P., & Rudisuhle, D.P. (2014). Understanding elder financial exploitation in the family: Identifying relational complexities. National Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society. National Alumni Chapter Grant ($1,000.00) and the New Initiatives Grant ($3,000.00). Total: $4,000.00.
    Vincenti, V.B. Rudishule, D., Browne, L.B., Jasper, C., Goebel, K.P., & Betz-Hamilton, A. E. (2013). Elder financial exploitation by family members with power of attorney: What family members’ experiences reveal about this problem, its causes, and consequences. Phi Upsilon Omicron Alumni Research Grant. ($2,500.00).
    Betz-Hamilton, A.E. (2013, Fall). Eastern Illinois University Faculty Development Support Grant. ($500.00).

    Select Awards and Recognition:

    Eastern Illinois University Office of Minority Affairs TRiO Faculty Mentor of the Year, 2015

    Illinois Jump$tart Coalition Educator Scholarship, 2014

    National Council on Family Relations Affiliate Councils Board Meritorious Service Award, 2014

    Illinois Council on Family Relations Outstanding Service Award, 2013

    Iowa State University Alumni Association STATEment Maker, Scholarship Category, 2013

    Recognized as an Outstanding Instructor by the Eastern Illinois University Office of Student Disability Services, 2013

    American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences New Achievers Award, 2012

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