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Axton E. Betz-Hamilton Assistant Professor
aebetz@eiu.edu | 309-338-9889 | 4321 Klehm Hall | Profile

Child identity theft, financial abuse within families; psychopathy

Tamatha (Lisa) L. Brooks Assistant Professor
tlbrooks@eiu.edu | 217-581-6958 | 2018 Klehm Hall | Profile

Professionalism; ethics; hospitality

Melanie T. Burns Professor, MSND Coordinator
mdburns@eiu.edu | 217-581-6680 | 1433 Klehm Hall | Profile

Foods and Nutrition faculty

Jacquelyn B. Frank Associate Professor
jbfrank@eiu.edu | 217-581-7843 | 1431 Klehm Hall | Profile

Alzheimer’s & dementia; service learning & student writing; prisoners – aging, stigma, & attitudes about release

Nichole Hugo Assistant Professor
nhugo@eiu.edu | 217-581-2410 | 2056 Klehm Hall | Profile

Dr. Hugo is an Assistant Professor within the Hospitality focus of Family and Consumer Sciences. Her research interests include hotel management, destination image, meeting and event planning, marketing, and sustainability.

Karla J. Kennedy-Hagan Professor
kjkennedyhagan@eiu.edu | 217-581-6353 | 1439 Klehm Hall | Profile

Nutrition & physical activity; child nutrition; nutrition education

Frances L. Murphy Professor
flmurphy@eiu.edu | 217-581-6997 | 4110 Lumpkin Hall | Profile

International human services programs; child & family resilience; child guidance & discipline; brain development in children; family/community life in the Republic of Moldova; and social structures in South Africa.

Kathleen O'Rourke Professor, M.A. in Aging Studies Graduate Coordinator & Family Services Undergraduate Program Coordinator
kaorourke@eiu.edu | 217-581-6350 | 2010 Klehm Hall | Profile
Katherine A. Shaw Associate Professor/ Departmental Honors Coordinator
kashaw2@eiu.edu | 217-581-6955 | Klehm Hall 2425 | Profile

Retail place attachment; sociology/psychology of clothing; online shopping behaviors; visual merchandising

Michelle (Mikki) Sherwood Assistant Chair and Professor
mlsherwood@eiu.edu | 217-581-6349 | Profile

Multiculturalism & Diversity; Sexuality; History of FCS

Linda Simpson Chair, Professor, & Executive Director Literacy in Financial Education (LIFE) Center
ldsimpson@eiu.edu | 217-581-2315 | 1030 Klehm Hall | Profile
Richard F. Wilkinson Professor; Apparel&Textiles, Financial Literacy, Hospitality Management, and Merchandising Program Coordinator
rfwilkinson@eiu.edu | 217-581-6046 | 4325 Klehm Hall | Profile

Hospitality management; tourism development; hospitality manager job satisfaction & work environment; hospitality student retention & career decisions

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