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Dear Prospective Graduate Student:

Thank you for your interest in the Master's in Family and Consumer Sciences' graduate program! The Master's in Family and Consumer Sciences is an applied graduate program that focuses on teaching, experiential learning, research, and theoretical application to improve our diverse, global society. Through an integrative approach, the program advances critical thinking, reflective practice, knowledge, and communication skills. Graduates work in non-profit organizations, social service agencies, court advocacy, outreach programs, teaching, or go on to doctoral programs at other institutions.

The program offers a great deal of flexibility and students are allowed to develop the schedule that best fits their life. Courses are offered during the day, in the evening, on the weekends, and online. Students are not required to, but can complete the program in one year (three semesters).

Apply today and begin your journey in being the next MS in FCS degree candidate! Feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding graduate assistantships or the application process.

Dr. Linda Simpson
MS in FCS Graduate Coordinator
Jeanette M. Andrade Instructor and DI Coordinator
jmandrade@eiu.edu | (217) 581-6676 | 2016 Klehm Hall | Profile
Tamatha (Lisa) L. Brooks Associate Professor
tlbrooks@eiu.edu | 217-581-6958 | 2018 Klehm Hall | Profile

Professionalism; ethics; hospitality

Melanie T. Burns Interim Chair, MSND Coordinator
mdburns@eiu.edu | 217-581-6680 | 1030 Klehm Hall | Profile

Foods and Nutrition faculty

Donna J. Coonce Instructor & ABC Program Coordinator
djcoonce@eiu.edu | 217-581-6352 | 1429 Klehm Hall | Profile
Jacquelyn B. Frank Associate Professor
jbfrank@eiu.edu | 217-581-7843 | 1431 Klehm Hall | Profile

Alzheimer’s & dementia; service learning & student writing; prisoners – aging, stigma, & attitudes about release

Karen E. Hart Instructor & CD Lab On-site Director
khart2@eiu.edu | 217-581-7917 | 1102 Buzzard Hall | Profile
Nichole Hugo Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Internship Coordinator
nhugo@eiu.edu | 217-581-2410 | 2056 Klehm Hall | Profile

Dr. Hugo is an Assistant Professor within the Hospitality focus of Family and Consumer Sciences. Her research interests include hotel management, destination image, meeting and event planning, marketing, and sustainability.

Karla J. Kennedy-Hagan Professor
kjkennedyhagan@eiu.edu | 217-581-6353 | 1439 Klehm Hall | Profile

Nutrition & physical activity; child nutrition; nutrition education

Kathleen A. O'Rourke Professor and M.A. in Aging Studies Graduate Coordinator
kaorourke@eiu.edu | 217-581-6350 | Profile
Deborah Reifsteck Instructor & Academic Advisor
ddreifsteck@eiu.edu | 217-581-6359 | 1429 Klehm Hall | Profile

Apparel & Textiles, Merchandising, Consumer Studies

James D. Roche Adjunct Instructor
jdroche@eiu.edu | 3096697015 | Online Office Hours Remote | Profile
Katherine A. Shaw Associate Professor
kashaw2@eiu.edu | 217-581-6955 | Klehm Hall 2425 | Profile

Retail place attachment; sociology/psychology of clothing; online shopping behaviors; visual merchandising

Mikki (Michelle) L. Sherwood Professor, Coordinator Family Services Program Area & Child Development Laboratories, Disney Internship
mlsherwood@eiu.edu | 217-581-6349 | 1044 Klehm Hall | Profile

sexuality; addiction, diversity, history of family sciences, human development

Richard F. Wilkinson Professor; Hospitality Management
rfwilkinson@eiu.edu | 217-581-6046 | 4325 Klehm Hall | Profile

Hospitality management; tourism development; hospitality manager job satisfaction & work environment; hospitality student retention & career decisions

Christina S. Yousaf Instructor
csyousaf@eiu.edu | 217-581-6374 | 2020 Klehm Hall | Profile
Michelle L. Morgan Administrative Aide
mlmorgan@eiu.edu | 217-581-6076 | 1040 Klehm Hall | Profile
Ellyn D. Barber Graduate Assistant, Child Development Lab
edbarber@eiu.edu | 217-581-7916 | 1102/1128 Buzzard Hall | Profile
Sarah N. Dodoo Graduate Assistant, FCS Office
sndodoo@eiu.edu | 217-581-6076 | 1435 Klehm Hall | Profile
Amanda K. Falk Graduate Assistant, LIFE Center
akfalk@eiu.edu | 217-581-3300 | 3015 Lumpkin Hall | Profile
Darbey E. Jenkins Graduate Assistant, Textile Design Lab/General FCS
dejenkins@eiu.edu | 217-581-6076 | 1435 Klehm Hall | Profile
Kaycee N. Lewis Graduate Assistant, Child Development Lab
knlewis@eiu.edu | 217-581-7916 | 1102/1128 Buzzard Hall | Profile

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