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Thank you so much for your interest in serving as a Graduate Student for the Master of Sciences in Family and Consumer Sciences program. We are in the process of transitioning the Graduate Coordinator role to me; therefore, the materials located on the website are being updated. If you have any questions, please email me at ldsimpson@eiu.edu.

Application Directions:

The following documents must be provided to insure eligibility for consideration for a graduate assistantship appointment in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Eastern Illinois University. A listing of the FCS Graduate Assistant Descriptions is available at http://www.eiu.edu/famscigrad/SFCSGApositionssp15.pdf.

All application materials are due to me by Friday, February 17th, 2017 at 4:30pm for the selection of appointments for the following academic year.

Send materials to:

Dr. Linda Simpson, Graduate Coordinator
School of Family and Consumer Sciences
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue Charleston IL, 61920
email: ldsimpson@eiu.edu

Application steps and required materials:

  1. Complete on-line graduate assistantship application: The GA application must be submitted on-line prior to the application deadline. https://www.eiu.edu/graduate/GAapplication/GAappl.php
  2. Complete application as a degree seeking candidate: You must have an application for admission as a degree seeking candidate on file in the Graduate School. Applications are submitted on-line directly to the Graduate School Office along with the $30 application fee. http://www.eiu.edu/graduate/pdf/admissionform.pdf
  3. Transcripts: Official transcripts (specifying all course work completed to date) from each community college, senior college, university, graduate and/or professional school which you have attended must be on file in the Graduate School Office with your application as a degree seeking candidate. For the graduate assistantship application, unofficial copies of transcripts will suffice and should be attached to your assistantship application. (NOTE: If you have not yet completed a four-year baccalaureate degree program at the time of your application, an official transcript showing the receipt of such a degree must be on file in the Graduate School Office prior to the start of your first term at EIU. Transcripts of work completed at EIU will be obtained by the Graduate School Office for your application to graduate school, however an unofficial copy of the EIU transcript should be provided by the applicant for the assistantship application.)
  4. A statement of personal goals: Complete a statement of personal goals on separate paper (typed) and attach to your application. This statement should explain your professional, career goals and the relationship of those to your expectations for your graduate program and a graduate assistantship. This statement should specifically indicate the type(s) of assistantship(s) you are seeking and your related qualifications. This goal statement should bear an original signature.
  5. Vita or Resume: Include a current work and educational history in vita or resume format that includes your professional experiences. Include paid, volunteer and community or organization service experiences.
  6. Recommendations: At least two completed recommendation forms are required for the graduate assistantship application. Two copies of the form that should be used by those writing recommendations for you are attached. Make additional copies as needed. http://www.eiu.edu/famscigrad/GA_Rec_form_07.pdf

Eligibility requirements include a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university, a 2.75 (4.0 scale) grade point average, and academic and experiential preparation appropriate and sufficient for the assistantship position sought. Assistantships are awarded only for the time period specified by the contract. An extension or renewal is not implied or guaranteed. Students may reapply to the appropriate department.

Again, thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you!


Graduate Assistantship Application Packet: