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Financial Literacy Minor


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Financial Literacy Minor

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Students are required to complete 15 hours of required courses, plus an additional 3 hours from the list of elective courses. Total Hours: 18

Required Courses

FCS 1800 (3) Life Span Human Development
FCS 3300 (3) Personal and Family Finance
FCS 4770 (3) Family Budgeting and Debt Management
BUS 2101 (3) Principles of Financial Accounting
BUS 2710 (3) Survey of Finance or BUS 3710 (3) Business Financial Management


3 sem. hrs. (at least) from the following courses:

FIN 3740 (3) Real Estate Fundamentals
FIN 3900 (3) Risk and Insurance

For more information contact:

Mrs. Rose Myers-Bradley 
FCS Academic Advisor 
Office: 1044 Klehm Hall 
Phone: 217-581-5310 
Fax: 581-581-6090