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Family and Consumer Sciences Minor - (Pre-2014 Catalog)

Core Courses
Suggested Electives

 Students are required to complete the four core courses in Family and Consumer Sciences, plus an additional 11 hours of FCS elective courses. Total Hours: 21

Core Courses include:

Course ID

Course Name


FCS 1000 Foundations of Family and Consumer Sciences 2
FCS 2000 Family Perspectives 3
FCS 3000 Family Resource Management 3
FCS 4000 Professional Focus of Family and Consumer Sciences 2

Electives in Family and Consumer Sciences are to be selected in consultation with an FCS advisor and include at least 3 sem. hrs. of courses numbered 3000 or above.

Suggested Electives are:

Course ID

 Course Name


 FCS 1120  Food Selection and Preparation  3
 FCS 1121  Food Service Sanitation  1
 FCS 1800  Life Span Human Development  3
 FCS 2100  Nutrition in a Global Society  3
 FCS 2140  Quantity Food Production  3
 FCS 2231  Sociology of Clothing  3
 FCS 2233  Fashion Distribution Systems  3
 FCS 2244  Consumer Textiles: Care and Production  3
 FCS 2250  Consumer Technology  3
 FCS 2270  Housing  3
 FCS 2700  The Hospitality Industry  3
 FCS 2800  Family Relationships  3
 FCS 3151  Community Nutrition  3
 FCS 3245  Textiles: Color Design Production  3
 FCS 3300  Consumer Education  3
 FCS 3786  Hospitality Operations and Cost Control  3
 FCS 3853  Practicum in Child Development  3
 FCS 4230  Special Topics in Family and Consumer Sciences  1-3
 FCS 4235  International Special Topics in Family and Consumer Sciences  1-3
 FCS 4820  Death and Dying  3
 FCS 4840  The Disadvantaged Family  3
FCS 4845 The Family in Crisis 3
FCS 4854 Parent-Child Study and Community Involvement 3