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The School of Family and Consumer Sciences has been an integral part of Eastern Illinois University and recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary.  The School is proud to be accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Accreditation is a process used to ensure that the School meets or exceeds specific criteria set forth by the accreditation agency to confirm educational quality.  To receive the prestigious status of accreditation, the School is required to undergo a rigorous internal review at three, five, and seven year intervals. The School of Family and Consumer Sciences has been granted accreditation through 2022.

Licensing and Credentialing

Didactic Program in Dietetics

Since 2009, at least 90% of our DPD students have passed the RD exam within the first year of attempt.

Dietetics Internship Program

Since 2009 the pass rate for the Dietetic Internship Program is 83% or higher.


Enrollment has declined slightly from 2012 with a current enrollment of 433 students in the FCS discipline. 

Graduation & Retention Rates

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