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School of Family & Consumer Sciences Integrated Core Curriculum

Rationale: The development, assessment, and continuing improvement of the School of Family & Consumer Sciences undergraduate core curriculum is designed to provide content and application experiences for majors and minors within the program. The core courses were designed to teach an integrative focus of the discipline that emphasizes individuals, families, and communities and their interdependence. Four core courses are required for each FCS student. The courses are hierarchical in nature – a grade of “C” or better must be on record before credit will be granted for the next level course.

The objectives of the Core courses, as a whole, are:

  • Core Learning Objective 1: Articulate the historical foundation of family and consumer sciences, its evolution over time, its mission, and its integrative focus
  • Core Learning Objective 2: Analyze family structures and apply major theoretical perspectives to understand individuals and family behavior, culture, and dynamics
  • Core Learning Objective 3: Apply the systems approach to family and consumer decision-making as related to the management of resources, such as nutrition, environments, and textiles.
  • Core Learning Objective 4: Discuss the impact of current issues and trends facing individuals, families, and communities.
  • Core Learning Objective 5: Reflectively engage in professional development activities.
  • Core Learning Objective 6: Demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving skills, and an understanding of ethical practice.

FCS 1000 Foundations of Family & Consumer Sciences
Foundations of the discipline of family and consumer sciences, including history and mission; roles in meeting the needs of individuals and families; the integrative nature of the profession; and career opportunities (2sh)

FCS 2000 Family Perspectives
Perspectives for understanding and analyzing family structure and function, interpersonal dynamics, individual family roles, the role of family in society, and the formative influence of heritage and culture (3sh)

FCS 3000 Family Resource Management
Family resource management and management theory and application, including individual and family decision-making behavior related to acquisition and allocation of resources in socially responsible ways (3sh)

FCS 4000 Professional Focus of Family & Consumer Sciences
Professional integrative focus of the discipline of family and consumer sciences and preparation for professional practice (2sh)

Final Portfolio Guidelines