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Advisement Information for Bachelor of Science

Family & Consumer Sciences

The School of Family and Consumer Sciences offers three distinct undergraduate options. One option has three concentrations. Curriculum guides for the various FCS options and concentrations are:

  • Dietetics
  • Family Services
  • Apparel & Textiles, Consumer Studies, Hospitality Management, Merchandising Option:

              1. Apparel and Textile Design

              2. Consumer Studies

              3. Merchandising

              4. Hospitality Management

Each option includes requirements for general education and major course work that meet specific graduation requirements.

Students interested in teaching FCS at the secondary level should refer to the Career and Technical Education major with an emphasis in Family and Consumer Sciences. CTE-FCS major.

Degree requirements change from year to year. It is imperative that students know which requirements (catalog) they are following. For transfer students, it may be more advantageous to follow earlier requirements.


New Advising Information

The School of Family & Consumer Sciences utilizes a central adviser system. Within this system, all FCS undergraduate majors have the same advisor, Mrs. Rose Myers-Bradley.

Office: Klehm Hall 1044

Telephone: 217.581.5310

Email: rmyersbradley@eiu.edu

Schedule a Meeting

FCS undergraduates assigned to Mrs. Myers-Bradley, will go to the FCS advising scheduling website:


          Click on FCS Advising

Here are instructions on how to schedule an appointment on this website:

     1.  Log in with your student EIU email account and password.
          (i.e.: eiustu@eiu.edu)

     2.  Click on the down arrow next to SELECT an account & choose FCS   Advising. 

     3.  Click on the View icon (view icon eyeball) of the time slot you want. 

     4.  Fill out the required fields.

     5.  Click on Register for Advising Appointment.

Cancelling your scheduled appointment:

     1. Use the above link.

     2. Log in as above.

     3. Click on the "Home" button in the left hand part of the menu.

     4. A list of registrations you have signed up for will show.

     5. Click on the trash icon in the list and it will delete your registration.

NOTE: If you have trouble logging in through Internet Explorer, please try a different browser (Firefox, Safari, ect.).


Preparation for the Meeting

A degree audit is helpful to bring to your advising appointment. You can run an unofficial degree audit in PAWS. Log in to PAWS, clink on STUDENT and then RECORDS. Once there, click DEGREE AUDIT REPORTING SYSTEM. You should now see a screen with your name on it and to the right side there is a button: RUN AUDIT. Click this button. You will be redirected to a screen requesting you wait up to 5 minutes for the audit to appear. Click that link. VIEW AUDIT. You don’t have to wait 5 minutes. Usually 30 seconds is sufficient.

You should see a blue link with your major and option listed. Click that link. You are now in your degree audit. At the top of the audit is a link that says. “Printer Friendly Version.” This is the version you want to print. It will print in 4-6 pages. Bring this document to your advisement appointment.

All juniors with over 60 semester hours should Apply for Graduation on PAWS in order for their degree audit to become official. If you have not applied for graduation, your audit is still an unofficial audit.

Meeting with SFCS Advisor

Be on time and do not skip your appointment. To cancel your advising appointment, provide at least one hour notice via e-mail.

Your advisor will check to see if you have any holds on your account. Holds on your account will prevent you from being able to register. Advisors cannot clear holds. Students have to clear holds on their own.

Your advisor will complete a long-range academic plan with you that will contain a proposed schedule, your PIN number for the upcoming semester, and any notes on which you need to follow up. A copy of your long-range plan will be stored electronically and the SFCS main office staff will have accessibility to this plan.

Be sure to ask any and all questions you have during your advisement appointment. During the appointment, you will receive a personal identification number (PIN) you must use for registration purposes (adding/dropping classes). It is recommended you enter your PIN as a contact in your cell phone so that you won’t forget it or lose it.