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Mona Davenport

As an administrator at Eastern Illinois University, Mona Davenport feels one of her many responsibilities is to give back to the institution she has called home for much of her life.

"I cannot support the students here as an administrator and not give back to make the institution better for the students," says Davenport, Eastern's director of minority affairs. "I feel it is my right to support the institution."

Davenport is certainly passionate about Eastern.

"This institution has made me what I am today," professes Davenport. "I am a product of Eastern — I started here a while ago by receiving my undergraduate and graduate degrees — and I can honestly say I am EIU and I believe in EIU."


It is Davenport's belief that giving has had a marked impact on the availability of scholarships over the years at EIU. Her donations and those of others have helped more students maximize their potential, and Davenport believes this type of generosity from additional faculty and staff will allow even more greatness from the student body and the university as a whole.

"We are advocates of EIU," concludes Davenport. "I feel working for an institution means you support and believe in what we do. The only way to make this institution better is to help make it grow. Showing financial support for EIU should be a given for most."

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