Frequently Asked Questions

Who gives through the faculty/staff campaign?

Faculty and staff can participate in the faculty/staff campaign. If you are also an EIU alumnus, your gift to the faculty/staff campaign counts toward alumni participation rates.

I already work here, why should I give?

As members of the university community, we can all see firsthand evidence of how expensive it has become to obtain a post-secondary education. Faculty and staff giving can never be enough to make up the shortfall, but faculty and staff participation in giving can go a long way to helping us be heard when we ask for corporate, foundation and legislative support.

Participation is the key to our success in the faculty/staff campaign. The number of alumni, employees and friends supporting us influences individuals, corporations and foundations considering major gifts.

Your gift is a vote of confidence in Eastern Illinois University and its mission. Your participation in this campaign will lead the way to our future success.

Can I specify where my contribution should go?

Absolutely! Your contribution can be designated to a variety of areas including your own department, scholarships, colleges, programs . . . just to name a few. Your gift directly benefits the area you choose. Simply note your preference on the gift form.

EIU always provides you the opportunity to honor your personal connection to the university with the ability to designate your gift.

If you have a specific area in mind to which you would like to contribute but have questions, please contact Brad Green at 217-581-6338 or

Can I designate my gift to more than one area?

No problem. Simply note all designations when making your gift and the amount to go to each area.

How much should I give?

Participation is the key to our success. What is important is that you give, not the amount.

Can I make an anonymous gift?

Yes. Simply note your preference to remain anonymous on the gift form.

Can I make a gift jointly with my spouse?

Yes. Indicate on the gift form that your gift is made jointly Please include the name of both donors on your gift form.

What are my payment options?

You may give by check, by credit card, online, or by payroll deduction. You also may give via electronic funds transfer (EFT) through your bank.

I have already made an annual gift this year. Will it count toward this campaign?

Giving through the campaign allows you the convenience of payroll deduction, but all gifts made by employees to the university will count when we calculate faculty and staff participation rates.

Where do campaign funds go?

All dollars raised at Eastern Illinois University are designated according to the donors' wishes.

My spouse also works at the university. Will our joint gift count for both of us?

Yes. If you and your spouse are both employed by the university, you may contribute separately or jointly. If you are making a joint gift, please provide the requested information on the online giving form.

What about a deferred gift?

Deferred gifts, such as bequests through wills, charitable remainder trusts, and life insurance policies also count as campaign contributions. To discuss a planned gift, please call the Development Office at 217-581-3313 or

What if my spouse works for a matching gift company?

If your spouse works for a company that offers a matching gift program, your gift may be doubled or even tripled. Please ask your spouse to check with his or her human resources department. Complete the proper paperwork and include it with your gift.

Can I make my gift online?


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