Meet the Campaign Chairs

Gary Aylesworth, Mona Davenport, and Kimberly Harris chair the Faculty and Staff Annual Fund Campaign, combining forces with approximately 100 team captains across campus in an effort to make this faculty/staff capital campaign a success.

Gary Aylesworth

Gary Ayesworth

More than 20 years of teaching philosophy courses at Eastern Illinois University is the ultimate representation of Gary Aylesworth's commitment to this institution, but his own dutiful feelings toward EIU have pushed that commitment a step further.

"As a faculty, we can demonstrate our commitment to the university and to our students by participating in the current campaign," says Aylesworth, who arrived at Eastern in 1989 and chaired the Department of Philosophy from 1994 until 2003. "This commitment will also make EIU more appealing to those on the outside who may consider making contributions of their own."

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Mona Davenport

Mona Davenport

As an administrator at Eastern Illinois University, Mona Davenport feels one of her many responsibilities is to give back to the institution she has called home for much of her life.

"I cannot support the students here as an administrator and not give back to make the institution better for the students," says Davenport, Eastern's director of minority affairs. "I feel it is my right to support the institution."

Davenport is certainly passionate about Eastern.

"This institution has made me what I am today," professes Davenport. "I am a product of Eastern — I started here a while ago by receiving my undergraduate and graduate degrees — and I can honestly say I am EIU and I believe in EIU."

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Kimberly Harris

Kimberly Harris

I have enjoyed 25 years at Eastern and appreciate the many opportunities that have been afforded to my family and me. Having access to the programming and activities that a college town provides is a significant reason that I have made a financial commitment to the Faculty and Staff Campaign.

As a student and through my work in several offices on campus, I have seen the dedication of quality services of the Library, the Tarble Arts Center, WEIU, Athletics, and many other departments to providing quality services to the faculty, staff, parents, community, and many other constituencies. I am also a parent of two alumni and two current students. Through them, I have been introduced to the Eastern Equestrian Team, recitals at the Doudna, activities for Special Olympics, and workshops and conferences for men and women in science.

I have chosen to support these interests through the payroll deduction option, and I invite you to also invest in this opportunity. Whether your charitable gift is large or small, your participation is important as we continue to strive to provide a quality education and a myriad of programming activities at Eastern.

Will you please join me in supporting the Faculty Staff Campaign this year? Any gift that is processed through the EIU Foundation will be counted in the campaign totals and will assist your department by reaching the 100% participation goal. All gifts, whether large or small, are important to EIU and to the Faculty and Staff campaign.

What's your EIU story?

Eastern gave a kid like me — a kid who woke up a little late — an opportunity.
Ted Gregory '81
Pulitzer Prize Winner