Survival Kit for New Faculty

The Office of Faculty Development has compiled a extensive list of useful links designed to aid new faculty members in their preparation for teaching at EIU and adjustment to life at the university and in Charleston.

Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC)

  • ATAC provides a university-wide forum for discussion of technology issues and the development of recommendations for strategic direction concerning the use of academic communication, computation, information, and instructional technologies.

  • Information Technology Services (ITS) is committed to providing centralized information and technology support of EIU's academic mission. The ITS Help Desk, located in the basement of the Students Service Building, can give you live, local assistance with all of your technology questions. Contact the Help Desk by phone at 217-581-HELP (4357), or by visiting in person. Staff members can answer how-to and troubleshooting questions on a variety of computer- and connectivity-related issues and assist you with password and software problems, as well.

  • The Center for Academic Technology Support (CATS) has a mission to provide EIU with comprehensive services in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of technology-enhanced materials in support of courses and programs. CATS provides an exciting and rewarding experience for faculty and graduate assistants interested in developing their technical skills and experience in a professional setting.

Campus Recreation Center

Campus recreation's primary mission is to provide a broad range of co-curricular recreational activities allowing for the personal, intellectual, physical, civic and social growth of students, faculty and staff with the ultimate objective being the development of constructive use of leisure time and healthful lifestyle throughout life.

Council on Faculty Research

Research and Sponsored Programs 

Council on Faculty Research Fall Competition funds projects for research and creative activity.  Funds are available for commodities, contractual services, equipment, travel, and student help related to the project.  No personal services dollars are available.  The proposal deadline is usually early September.


Doudna Fine Arts Center 

The Doudna Fine Arts Center is Eastern Illinois University's newest architectural landmark, designed by the internationally famous architect Antoine Predock. This newly renovated and greatly expanded facility boasts several public arts venues: The Theatre, the Black Box studio theatre, the Dvorak Concert Hall, the Recital Hall, the Lecture Hall, and several corridor art galleries. The Doudna Fine Arts Center also houses EIU's departments of Art, Music and Theatre Arts, and the office of the Dean of Arts & Humanities. The Doudna Fine Arts Center also offers a full array of arts programming and special offerings for area schools. Programming includes the New and Emerging Artists Series, other series and performances, lectures, exhibitions, and related events.


Department of Human Resources

Human Resources is committed to providing unified, professional services that make EIU a better place to work and learn.


Emergency Safety Tips

In any emergency please contact 911. During the emergency call please give YOUR name, YOUR office location, and YOUR phone number. Wait inside the office until a police officer arrives.

On the EIU campus there are 19 emergency phones, located in strategic areas that are in the paths of most foot traffic. These phones are easily identifiable by the blue light that is always lighted and is about 7 feet off the ground. A push of the button activates the phone, and the blue light flashes. A police dispatcher will answer "911" and ask if police, fire, or medical assistance is needed. Whether there is a voice answer or not, an Eastern Illinois University Police Officer will be immediately dispatched to the activated phone to check on the well-being of the caller. These phones are for EMERGENCIES only, and prank activation will result in prosecution of the offender.

Illinois Driver's License and Voter Registration

A current State of Illinois title and registration are required for all vehicles used on Illinois public roadways. New residents have 30 days to apply for an Illinois title and registration after establishing residence in the state, provided the vehicle is properly registered in another jurisdiction. The Illinois Secretary of State's offices also provide voter registration applications.

Local Media

Panther Card Office

The Panther Card Office is responsible for the production and distribution of Eastern's official identification card.

Research and Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs facilitates applications, negotiations and procurement of grant funding for activities that are consistent with the mission and role of the university. Such activities include research, creative activity, construction and improvement of facilities, and public service.

Martin Luther King Jr. University Union

  • The MLK Jr. Union strives to provide services and programs in response to faculty and students’ physical, social, recreational and educational needs. The union also seeks to serve the campus and community by providing a center for meetings, conferences, banquets, and camps.

  • The Union Bookstore is on the first floor of the union, located on the east side of the building. It proudly supplies students, faculty, alumni and the community with EIU apparel and merchandise. It also carries school and art supplies, gift cards, posters and other miscellaneous items for students on campus.
  • Copy Express provides services to everyone: students, faculty, staff, the community, and visitors.

Office of Civil Rights and Diversity

The Office of Civil Rights and Diversity is responsible for the effective organization, implementation and administration of the university's overall civil rights, affirmative action, and diversity programs. It also monitors the employment policies and processes for faculty and administrative positions.

University Police Department

The University Police Department provides a professional law enforcement and service function to the university community by preserving the peace, protecting life and property, preventing crime, apprehending criminals, and recovering lost and stolen property.