Faculty Partnership Grant


Faculty Partnership Grants are now available from the Faculty Development Office. Designed to foster the development of interdisciplinary teaching and research projects and faculty partnerships, these Faculty Partnership Grants will be made available to EIU faculty with the goals of: 

(a) Fostering a greater sense of collegiality and collaboration across departmental and collegial lines;

(b) Forming partnerships;

(c) Reaching a broader audience than the Faculty Development Support Grants which are intended for the purpose of supporting the professional development of individual faculty members.

Important: Please note that any monies awarded for Partnership Grants must be spent or encumbered by the end of the current fiscal year (June 30, 2014) according to University policy.

Applications for Faculty Partnership Grants are due on Friday, October 25, 2013 at 4:00pm. 
Please click here for an application (PDF).

Congratulations to Fall 2012 Recipients!


Name & Department

Title of Project


Carla Honselman, Family & Consumer Sciences

Robert Bates, Health Studies

Jill Owen, Kinesiology & Sports Studies                                                                                              

Obesity Prevention in Illinois: What's Being Done?

Ann Browson, Booth Library        

Teri Hunt, Secondary Education & Foundations   

Fern Kory, English            

Jeanne Okrasinski, EC/ELE/MLE  

Jamila Smith, English      

Young Adult Reading Group (YARG!)

Steven Daniel, Biological Sciences

David Goldfarb, Medicine & Physiology, NYU School of Medicine                                               

SoYoGo - A Yogurt Developed to Prevent & Treat Kidney Stones

Jeanne  Okrasinski, EC/ELE/MLE 

Dana Stodden, EC/ELE/MLE

Ingrid Minger, Mattoon Middle School

EC-EIU Reading Council                

Teresita Hunt, Secondary Education & Foundations            

Robin Murray, English

Rebecca Lawson, Sullivan High School                                                                                               

Acknowledging Excellence in Secondary English Students: Creating a National English Honor Society chapter at Sullivan High School   

Wafeek Wahby, School of Technology

Allen Lanham, Booth Library

EIU Futuristic Look through Ancient Lenses