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Teresa Maria Linda Scholz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office Hours Fall 2016
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 - 10:50 am
Monday, Wednesday 12:45 - 1:45 pm
and by appointment

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication
  • Cultures
  • Diversity
  • Gender Issues
  • Human Rights
  • Latin America
  • Minorities
  • Women's Issues


Ph.D., Communication, University of Colorado, Boulder (2007)
M.A., Speech Communication, Colorado State University (1998)
Master's Certification, Women's Studies, Colorado State University (1998)
B.A., Speech Communication, Colorado State University (1996)

Certificate In Mindful Facilitation, Mindful Facilitation Future of Diversity University, Berkeley CA (2015)
*Specialization: Diversity Training and Facilitation

Research Interests

I position myself as a critical Latina/Latin American transnational feminist scholar in communication studies who theorizes the relationship between discursive and material counterhegemonic practices, and between voice, victimhood, and agency as they emerge from transnational communication systems. In so doing, I draw on critical theories to understand how power functions in social, national, and global spheres to rhetorically construct national, racial, ethnic, gender, and class identities. Subsequently, my research has articulated and explored the connections between rhetorical theory, postcolonial theory, and transnational feminist theory within Latin American contexts. More deeply informing my research is my examination of texts in both Spanish and English to build theoretical constructs that are culturally situated.

Additionally, my theoretical focus in discursive and material counterhegemonic practices is honed into practical application in the social justice education that I do as a Certified Diversity Trainer and Facilitator.

As a Certified Diversity Trainer and Facilitator I work across department, administrative, academic, and programmatic levels to proactively cultivate a campus climate that reflects a culture that understands the nuances of diversity, explores multiple avenues to practice equity, and continously works toward achieving inclusive excellence. In this role, I have presented, developed and facilitated trainings and discussions focused on terminology and communication practices. 

Contact Information

Phone: 217-581-2016 (messages)

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