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Sheila Simons

Professor and Advisor School Health and First Responder

How to Prepare for Your Advising Appointment:

  1. Log in to PAWS.  Under "Student Records", click on "Degree Audit Reporting System".  Run your degree audit, and study it.  Print off a copy to bring with you to your appointment.  NOTE:  click on the words "print friendly version".  

  2. If you are planning to take courses during one of the Summer terms (including your internship), make an appointment with Financial Aid, and discuss what kind and amount of Financial Aid you can expect to have during the summer.  Many students discover they do not have the amount or type of aid they were expecting, which may make it financially impossible for you to take courses in the summer.

  3. If you are an athlete, make sure you know what requirements you must meet to remain academically eligible.

  4. If you are an honors student, make sure you are knowledgeable of all the Honors College requirements, and where you currently stand.

How to Sign up for an Academic Advising Appointment

To sign up for an academic advising appointment, click on the link at the bottom of the page.  This will take you to a Google Document with dates and times of available appointments.  Just type your name in for the appointment slot you want.

If you need to change your appointment time, just go back to the sign up sheet, remove your name from your old time slot, and sign up for another one.

Here are the types of appointments which are available:

  • Interning in [specific semester] == appointments for students who will be interning in the semester indicated.

  • Priority Registration == students with priority registration status.  Typically, athletes, Honors students, Residence Hall staff,  and some students registered with Disability Services.  

  • Seniors  == 90+  hours 

  • Juniors == 60-89 hours 

  • Sophomores == 30-59 hours 

  • Freshmen == <30 hours 

Hours = completed hours plus hours currently enrolled in.  In other words, how many hours will you have at the end of this semester.



Areas of Expertise

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Health
  • Public Health


  • B.S. Eastern Illinois University, 1991
  • M.S. Eastern Illinois University, 1992
  • Ph.D. Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, 2002


Contact Information

Phone: 217-581-6207