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Steven DiNaso

Instructor; PhD ABD Co-Director of Geographic Information Science Center, Co-Manager of Geographic Information Science Lab, ESRI CTP/CompTIA CTT+, Geology/Geography Department

As a Geospatial Scientist, my research interests and activities involve numerous integrative, interdisciplinary, and multimodal approaches in applied spatio-temporal and spatio-statistical modeling for the Physical Sciences; most notably in the fields of Archaeometry, Archaeology, Physical Geography, Historical Geography, and Geology.  I also have interesy in GIS for Government, particularly Automated Mapping and Facilities Management (AM/FM) related to Infrastructural Mapping and Asset Management, Land Use, and Urban Planning.

Areas of Expertise

  • Geography


I am a Geospatial Scientist in the Department of Geography & Geology at Eastern Illinois University and have served full-time in this capacity as a faculty member since 2004.  I earned a BS in Geology from Eastern Illinois University (1995), received an MS in Geography from Indiana State University (2008), and am presently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Earth & Environmental Systems, Indiana State University (2013).  Since 2004, I have been an Esri Authorized, Certified Training Professional (CTP), and is a CompTIACertified TechnicalTrainer (CTT+).  Over the years, I have held a multitude of Esri Instructor-Led courses and have trained hundreds of students in the geospatial sciences...

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