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Michael Menze

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

My research centers around three main questions: how can some animals survive environmental insults such as dehydration, freezing, or lack of oxygen? how to apply strategies used by these animals to improve mammalian cell and tissue storage? how does the mitochondrion integrate into human diseases such as Alzheimer's and diabetes? Prospective undergraduate and graduate students are strongly encouraged to contact me directly to inquire about current research opportunities.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Biology


Dr. rer. nat.    
Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf, Germany (Physiology)
Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany (Molecular Biophysics)
Dipl. Biol.        
Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf, Germany
Major: Zoology (Physiology)
Minors: Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry

Research Interests

My laboratory focuses on molecular and mitochondrial physiology in non-model organisms and human disease. 

Contact Information

Phone: 217-581-6386