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Lori Casey


I have been at EIU since 2002. I currently work full-time for WEIU TV as the production manager and have taught part time in Communication Studies since 2007. As a member of the production department for WEIU TV, I spend most of my time producing a variety of local television shows and video programs. I have been involved in creating types of shows covering a range of area such as: history, travel, health, music and arts. I enjoy all aspects of video production from planning to shooting, editing and everything in between. I love sharing my real-world experience in the classroom and helping students reach their goals.
Office hours by appointment.

Areas of Expertise

  • Television


M.A Communication Studies, Eastern Illinois University, 2006

B. A. Organizational Management, Concordia University, 1999

A.A.S. Television Production, Riverland Community College, 1990

Contact Information

Phone: 217-581-8466

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