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Danelle Larson

Instrumental Music Education, Music Education Division Director

Danelle Larson is an Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of the Music Education Division at Eastern Illinois University. Her responsibilities include teaching courses in music education and supervising student teachers.

Prior to her appointment at Eastern Illinois University, she earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in music education from Arizona State University. Her dissertation research focused on the use of chamber music experience in high school band curricula. At Arizona State University, she served as a teaching assistant for the music education department where she worked with instrumental practicum, the ASU marching band, and taught courses in string methods, quantitative research methods, and fundamentals of music notation for non-majors. She also served as a supervisor for student teachers and led the student teacher seminars. Dr. Larson holds a Master’s degree in music education from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Science in music education degree with an emphasis in flute performance from the University of Illinois.

Dr. Larson has ten years of teaching experience in public school music programs, including instruction with beginning, middle, and high school levels of concert bands, chamber ensembles, marching bands, jazz bands, beginning and high school orchestras, K-8 general music, and advanced placement music theory classes. She taught music in public schools in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Georgia, and was a guest conductor with the Duluth (Georgia) High School Chamber Orchestra at the 2007 Mid-West Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago.

Her research interests include the use of chamber music in instrumental music curricula, 19th and 20th century female bands, music students' transition from preservice work to first year teaching, and feedback methods in laboratory music education classes. Dr. Larson has published a historical research article on the Hormel Girls Musical Caravan in American Music, and presented findings from her research at conferences including the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), the Society for Music Teacher Education (SMTE), the American Educational Research Association conference (AERA), the Feminist Theory in Music conference, the Arizona Music Educators Association conferences, the Illinois Music Educators Association conference, and CARMU (Center for Applied Research in Musical Understanding) Conference on Music Teaching and Learning.  

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