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Cameron Craig

Professor Laureate (2010-2011), Instructor, Geographer

Cameron Douglas Craig is a geographer, climatologist, composer, and documentarian in the Department of Geology and Geography at Eastern Illinois University.  The several awards he has received for excellence in teaching laud his reputation as an outstanding professor.  In 2010, he was honored with the title of Professor Laureate.  Mr. Craig is the coordinator of the broadcast meteorology program, serves as Chief Meteorologist at WEIU, produces and directs films with TCPFilms and the Center for Academic Technology Support, and works with student meteorologists in WEIUs NewsWatch, an award winning news program.

Among his official duties as professor in Geography, Mr. Craig provides additional professional experience in documentary film production for students in geography, geology, history, communications, kinesiology, journalism, economics, and technology.  His company, Tempestas et Caelum Productions, was created for the sole purpose of providing students a creative outlet to research and present topics that impact society.  Documentaries such as "Stinging Dust & Forgotten Lives: The Dust Bowl," "Expedition Nature's Realm," "An Illinois Winter," and "Returning to Paradise: Voices of the Human Spirit," have aired on PBS stations across the Midwest and around the world via the internet. 

Among his academic duties at Eastern Illinois University, Mr. Craig also has over thirty years of experience in vocal performance and composition.  He is an academically trained vocal performance artist in opera and composes various works for piano, chorus, orchestra, and solo instruments.  He has completed 95 works ranging from concertos, chamber works, opera, and documentary film soundtracks. 

Mr. Craig's goal is to promote education among all ages for protecting culture and the home we call Earth and often states, "The classroom is no longer a structure of walls but a window into the world."

Areas of Expertise

  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Fresh Water Resources
  • Gay & Lesbian Issues
  • Geography
  • Parks & Recreation Management
  • Water Pollution
  • Water Pollution

Contact Information

Phone: (217) 581-2626

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