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Brian Mann

Assistant Professor

I am a historian of the modern Middle East with a specialization in 19th/20th century Iran. I teach undergraduate surveys in Middle Eastern, Islamic World, and World History, as well as undergraduate and graduate courses on Iran, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and Western-Middle Eastern relations.  I am also currently teaching three graduate students how to read Persian. My main research interests are nationalism, social movements, and imperialism, as they relate to modern Iran and the Middle East in general, and I am particularly interested in the region of Khuzistan (Iran's southwestern and oil-rich province which sits along the border with Iraq and on the Persian Gulf). I am the advisor to the History Club, the webmaster for the History Department, and serve on various other committees.I look forward to offering our students more courses on Iranian, Middle Eastern, and Islamic history.

Ofice Hours: Spring 2014
MWF: 8-9, M: 1-2, & by appt.

Areas of Expertise

  • History

Research Interests

Modern Middle East, 19th- & 20th-century Iran, Khuzistan, nationalism, tribal groups & ethnic minorities, imperialism, urbanization, labor, social movements

Research proficient in Persian, Arabic, and French.

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