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Amber Shipherd

Assistant Professor

Summer 2016 Office Hours:
Online or by appointment

Areas of Expertise

  • Athletics
  • Injury Prevention
  • Leadership/Management
  • Motivational
  • Sports Psychology


Ph.D. (2013) Texas Tech University - College of Education - Educational Psychology: Exercise & Sport Sciences minor 
M.S. (2010) The Florida State University - College of Education - Educational Psychology/Sport and Exercise Psychology; Certificate in Program Evaluation
B.S. (2004) University of California, Davis - College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Human Development: Psychology minor

Research Interests

Effective applied sport/exercise/performance psychology practices, techniques, and interventions
Athlete peer leadership development
Sport injury prevention and rehabilitation
Self-efficacy in sport and exercise
Effective practices for online learning and instruction in sport and exercise psychology

Current projects:

Athlete peer leader self-efficacy. Given the importance of peer leaders on a team, that training and experience significantly influence coach leader self-efficacy, and peer leaders often do not receive formal leader training, the purpose is to develop and pilot a valid and reliabel measure of peer leader self-efficacy in collegiate athletes. The second purpose is to advance the understanding of self-efficacy in peer leaders in order to develop stronger leadership training programs that can enhance weaknesses in athlete peer leader self-efficacy. This type of leadership training program could also be applied to enhance leader performance in law enforcement, military, or business domains as well. 

A longitudinal examination of the sources of self-efficacy in runners. The purpose of this study is to examine the sources that influence self-efficacy in runners of any level training for a race of any distance and to understand and identify how those sources of self-efficacy change over the course of training. 

Student mentorship:

Chelsea Duncan, The Effect of High Intensity Training (HIIT) on Females' Body Image
Jacquelyn Sernek, The Relationship Between Softball Student-Athletes' Motivaton, Self-Confidence, and Perception of Coach Leadership
Cameron Jiminez, Gender Differences in Athletic Identity Following Athletic Career Transition
Hakeem Willis, AAU Basketball: Participants' Perception of their AAU Experience
Aubrie Carmack, The Relationship Between Motivational Style of Division I Collegiate Softball Athletes and Performance

Joann Wakefield, The Effect of Biofeedback Training on One Repetition Maximum Chest Press Performance

Contact Information

Phone: (217) 581-2215

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