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  • Dr. Robert Colombo
    EVB Program Coordinator
    Dept. of Biological Sciences
    Eastern Illinois University
    600 Lincoln Avenue
    Charleston, IL 61920

Why EVB at EIU?

The EVB degree is first and foremost a biology degree with all of the basic requirements you will see in any biology program across the country. EVB is not an environmental studies program, which are often much more based in the humanities rather than the sciences. With an EVB degree, you are able to pursue graduate or professional school if that is the path you choose.

EIU is also unique in that it maintains a real focus on organismal biology. This means that our students may take classes covering all the major groups of organisms: Bryology, Dendrology, Entomology, Ichthyology, mammalogy and ornithology to name a few. We also have diverse course offerings in ecology, ecotoxicology, fisheries and wildlife management, behavior and many others. This diversity does not occur in many schools anymore and all of our classes are taught on a regular schedule. Please look at our course offerings for a full list to see which you may be interested in.

While EIU is large enough to provide diverse course offerings, we are decidedly different from the large schools. Our department prides itself in its close collaborations with students on various research and outreach projects. Students working with a faculty member conduct research, present their results at local, regional and national meetings, and publish their results in peer-reviewed journals. No matter what your interest, there are opportunities for you in EVB. Please check our faculty pages to explore the diverse research opportunities in the department.


Lema Leaf Frog