Food Safety for Public Events

Food Sanitation and Unusual Events; Letter to the campus.

The university and Coles County Health Department require that organizations or groups sponsoring food preparation and distribution to the public be required to obtain a temporary food sanitation license. The term public includes, but is not limited to, select groups of people not associated by employment with EIU. University departments hosting a departmental event for their employees are not required to provide a food sanitation license.

The responsibility of obtaining and following these requirements rests upon the advisor of the University organization. Proof of completion of obtaining a food sanitation license and inspection must be provided before and unusual Event Form will be signed by the Environmental Health and Safety Department. To expedite your Unusual Event Form submit to Coles County Health Department's temporary food sanitation permit application to weeks prior to the event date.

The address of the Coles County Health Department is:

Coles County Health Department
825 18st Street
Charleston, Illinois 61920