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What You Can Do with
a Minor in Entrepreneurship

meetingEntrepreneurship students prove themselves to be among the "movers and shakers" of the EIU campus. They are determined, self-motivated, and think "outside the box." They are completing a rigorous curriculum that allows them to enter into a variety of different professional careers, all of which are characterized by a drive for unparalleled success.

Start & Grow your Own Business

The EIU Entrepreneurship Minor provides students with the necessary skill set to conceptualize a start-up venture. Being able to apply for initial funding, our students can develop a promising business idea into a successful, sustainable and growth-oriented venture.

Assume Leadership in an Existing Enterprise

Our Entrepreneurship students have assembled the expertise to become valued leaders in existing businesses. Their innovative, broad-based thinking allows them to take on managerial responsibility and lead an existing company to success.

Take Over a Family Business

Many of our students come from a family-business background. The experience in the Entrepreneurship Minor prepares them to grow into contributing members of their family business, with the long-term goal to become successors of the current family owners

Develop an Internet Start-Up

In today's web-based environment, our Entrepreneurship students are well prepared to take on the challenges that stem from a turbulent decade for internet start-ups. Whether it is a website that supports a "brick-and-mortar" operation, or a full-blown, web-only presence, our students are well-versed in the development of an e-commerce business.