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EIU-SCORE Shadowing Program for Entrepreneurship Minors




Welcome to the EIU-SCORE Shadowing Program!

As an Entrepreneurship Minor, you may apply for the opportunity to shadow SCORE Chapter counselors as they assist local business owners in identifying and executing successful business practices. The Southeastern Illinois SCORE Chapter No. 0706 has teamed up with Eastern Illinois University’s ENT minor to offer you a look into real-world business issues.

QuoteThe experience of helping an entrepreneur to develop a good business plan and be successful at it is so rewarding, and also gives back to the community when you're helping local business people.                              

 -EIU-SCORE Shadow

Background on SCORE

The objective of The Southeastern Illinois SCORE Chapter No. 0706 is to provide free business consulting services in support of entrepreneurs in Southeastern Illinois. SCORE counselors are skilleA student takes part in the discussion.d business owners, educators, and managers who volunteer their experience and knowledge to counsel current and potential small business owners. The Chapter’s volunteer counselors may assist business owners with in-depth and industry-specific analysis, evaluation of business plans, defining and executing successful internal practices and procedures, managing growth and ensuring long-term stability, and other issues as needed. Interactions between business owners and SCORE counselors take place utilizing formats convenient for both parties (e.g., face-to-face, email, Skype, phone, etc.), are free, and are governed by strict confidentiality agreements. If you would like to find out more information about SCORE, follow the attached link: About SCORE. The Chapter, located in Charleston, IL, is jointly sponsored by the Charleston Area Chamber of Commerce and Eastern Illinois University’s Lumpkin College of Business & Applied Sciences

Your Responsibilities

If you are selected, you will follow an ongoing counseling relationship by attending all meetings between a business owner and a counselor assigned to the business, conduct ancillary research as agreed with the counselor, and provide your own insights and suggestions when appropriate throughout the shadowing experience.

QuoteI did a lot of listening and was surprised by how much I was learning from the client.


You will be required to write a report about your experience after it has concluded. This program represents a new co-curricular activity that is intended for those Entrepreneurship Minors who are most serious in their entrepreneurial pursuits.


You will receive a series of orientation sessions by the SCORE chapter before being assigned to a counseling relationship. While you will not be an official SCORE counselor (although the emerging relationship may become the starting point for becoming a SCORE counselor in the future), you will sign the same confidentiality agreement and be held to the same standards of conduct expected from the SCORE counselor as well as those standards set forth by EIU for off-campus activities (EIU Student Code of Conduct). You are never to interact with a matched business owner without the SCORE counselor’s presence or explicit approval. In cases of disagreement or other conflicts between students, counselors, and/or business owners, the Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Minor will be responsible for finding and implementing appropriate solutions.


You will not receive academic credit for the shadowing experience; however, a certificate by the SCORE Chapter will be awarded based on your participation in the counseling experience. The experience itself will be most rewarding.

Fall 2012 EIU-SCORE Shadows receiving their certificates.

Fall 2012 EIU-SCORE Shadows receiving their certificates. From right, Dr. Marko Grünhagen, Courtney Owen, Jessica Johnson, and Ted Ostrem (SCORE Chair). 

Application & Selection Process

To apply for the program, you will need to submit an application to the Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Minor. The application will include an application form and a brief essay (350 words) describing areas of interest, perceived expertise and knowledge that could be provided to clients and the degree of commitment on your part to engage in the shadowing experience. Given the variability and unpredictability of counseling engagements, you will be required to commit to an ongoing counseling interaction for a minimum of one semester.

You can find and submit your application here:

EIU-SCORE Shadowing Application Form

Application deadlines:
Next Opportunity: Fall semester: August 30, 2013                                      Spring semester: January 24, 2014

The Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Minor, in conjunction with other faculty and SCORE representatives, will make final selections of qualified applicants to be admitted to the program. Students accepted for this program will not be guaranteed a shadowing experience as the student’s area of interest or expertise may not be a match for emerging counseling needs of the SCORE chapter, or because a business owner may not agree to have a student present in addition to the SCORE counselor. EIU-SCORE shadowing positions will be awarded on a competitive basis determined by the qualifications of applicants, shadowing opportunities available, and interest/skills matches between the two.

Final Report

You will be required to submit a final report of the shadowing experience to the Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Minor within 14 days of the completion of the experience. Your final report must be no less than 3 pages in length and include the following:

A) Description of the shadowing experience/counseling relationship

B) Evaluation of how the shadowing experience has created awareness of challenges that entrepreneurs face 

C) What you learned from this experience that will benefit your entrepreneurial endeavors


If you have any further questions about this program, please contact:

Dr. Marko Grünhagen
Lumpkin Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship
Eastern Illinois University
School of Business
4002 Lumpkin Hall
Charleston, IL 61920
Phone: 217-581-6906
Email: entrepreneurship@eiu.edu