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Enrollment Management

Spring Conference - Fostering Relationships: Living the EIU Vision through Recruitment, Marketing, and Student Success

Wednesday. February. 8 | 1 pm to 4:30pm | Grand Ballroom University Union

In an effort to broaden the conversation on the areas of enrollment management (recruitment, marketing, and persistence), this annual conference will focus on fostering relationships. How can your department improve relationships with your current students, prospective students, alumni, and the community? Sessions will offer best practices, ideas from our colleagues, and will provide avenues to discuss ways to make changes to improve our marketing, image, and student success. Take advantage of the opportunity to dialogue and strategize about academic and student development issues relating to students and their success. Learn more and register to attend today.


Enrollment Management

The Division of Enrollment Management directs EIU's undergraduate recruitment, admission, advising, financial aid, retention, and assessment efforts. Its mission is to provide the personnel, tools, technology, service, and strategy necessary to attain optimal enrollment and to maintain high retention and graduation rates.

Services provided by member units include:

  • Academic advising
  • Academic policy interpretation and application
  • Course scheduling
  • Disability services
  • Enrollment planning & research
  • Financial aid processing & counseling
  • Registration
  • Retention research & support
  • Scholarship search
  • Strategies to improve student learning
  • Student health insurance
  • Student learning assessment
  • Transcript evaluation and processing
  • University Foundations, a first-year experience course