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Spring 2015 Course Descriptions


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Spring 2015 Course Offerings

Each course links to a description from the instructor.  Where more than one section is available, descriptions are provided by each instructor.  You can view courses for graduate students here.  You can view prerequisites here.

Download a printable version here. Copies are also available in the English Department office, Coleman Hall 3135.

Undergraduate Courses

English 1105 English Forum

English 2001 Creative Writing: Nonfiction

English 2003 Creative Writing: Introduction to Poetry & Video Poetry

English 2005 Creative Writing: Dramatic Writing

English 2007 Creative Writing: Fiction

English 2009G Literature and Human Values (2 sections)

English 2099G Honors: Race, Age, Gender in "Coming of Age" Narratives

English 2205 Introduction to Literary Studies

English 2601 Backgrounds of Western Literature

English 2603 Greek and Roman Mythology

English 2850 Post-Colonial Literature in English

English 2901 Structure of English (3 sections)

English 3001 Advanced Composition (6 sections)

English 3005 Technical Communication

English 3009G Myth and Culture

English 3099G Myth and Culture, Honors

English 3010G Literary Masterworks

English 3110G Cultural Foundations, II

English 3402 Methods of Teaching Literature in the Secondary School

English 3405 Children's Literature

English 3701 American Literature: 1800 to Mid-19th Century

English 3703 American Literature: 1900-1950

English 3705 American Multicultural Literatures

English 3801 Chaucer

English 3802 Shakespeare

English 3803 Dark Desires and Illicit Love: Sex and Sexuality in Renaissance Literature

English 3807 Victorian Literature

English 3809 Punk Britannia?
 Terror, Violence, and Dystopia in Contemporary British Literature

English 3901 Language and Linguistics

English 3903 Women & Literature - Before They were “Gossip Girls”:  Studying Female Storytelling & Communication Practices across Time, Genre, and Media

English 4275 Internship in Professional Writing

English 4300/4390 English Senior Seminar

EIU Senior Seminars and Interdisciplinary Courses

EIU 4114G EIU Senior Seminar: Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies in Matters of Culture

EIU 4192G Film and Contemporary Society [Honors EIU Senior Seminar]  

FILM 3759G History of Cinema

WST 2309G Women, Men, and Culture

Classes numbered 4750 through 4999 are open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students.  Graduate students are limited to nine hours of course work in this category.

English 4750 Studies in African-American Literature: Harlem Renaissance

English 4760 Studies in Professional Writing

English 4762 Poetry Writing

English 4763 Fiction Writing

English 4775 The Horror of Heterosexuality: Queer Theory, Criticism, and Film

English 4801 Integrating the English Language Arts

English 4903 Young Adult Literature

English 4904 Studies in Film: All Girls All the Time

English 4950 Diversity and Authorship in British and American Literary History   

Graduate Courses

English 5001 Historical Linguistics: English

English 5003 Renaissance Forms and Reformation Concerns: Ritual and Resistance in Seventeenth-Century English Literature     

English 5009 Recovering Emily Dickinson       

English 5011 Special Topics in Composition & Rhetoric, Genre Theory & Pedagogy

English 5020 Graduate Workshop in Creative Writing—Poetry You Are Who You Pretend to Be: Redefining the Authorial “I”

English 5091B Linguistics for Teachers of English Language Learners      

English 5502 Mentored Composition Teaching 

English 5960 Internship in Professional Writing

Prerequisites & Notes

1.  ENG 1002G is a prerequisite for 2000-level courses and above.

2.  All courses designated with a G (for example, ENG 2009G) fulfill requirements in the EIU General Education Program.

3.  ENG 3010G and 3090G, courses in the General Education Program, do not fulfill requirements in the English major or minors.

Most Recent Catalog

Group 1—Foundation Courses: 1105, 2205§, 2601, 2901* or 3901 or 4901, 2760 or 3001 or 3002 or 3005 or 4761** or 4762** or     4763** or 4764**, 3401*, 3402*, 4801*, 4903*

Group 2—Focused Study in Multicultural Literatures: 2705, 2850, 3705*, 3907, 4750, 4850

Group 3—Breadth in Historical Literary Studies

3A. Literature before 1800: 3800, 3803, 3805, 3700, 3604A, and courses in Group 5 when so designated in this course description booklet

3B. 19th Century: 3806, 3807, 3701, 3702, 3604B, and courses in Group 5 when so designated in this course description booklet

3C. 20th Century and After: 3808, 3809, 3703, 3704, 3604D, and courses in Group 5 when so designated in this course description booklet

3D. Major Author Study: 3601, 3801, 3802 or 3892‡, 3804, and courses in Group 5 when so designated in this course description booklet

Group 4—Capstone Courses: 4300 or 4390‡, 4775 or 4950

Group 5—English Electives: 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009G, 2011G, 2091G‡, 2099G‡, 2602, 2603, 2692‡, 2760, 3005, 3009G, 3099G‡, 3405, 3406, 3504, 3600, 3604E, 3606, 3706, 3903, 3970, 4275, 4400, 4444‡, 4644‡, 4752, 4760, 4761, 4762, 4763, 4764, 4903, 4905, 4906

*Required for Teacher Certification only

‡Honors students only

§Prerequisite: ENG 1105, or concurrent enrollment in ENG 1105. Concurrent or prior registration in ENG 2205 is strongly recommended for majors in all courses at the 2000-level and above.