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Spring 2014 Course Descriptions

English 5502  Mentored Composition Teaching

English 5502 Section 001       CRN 31660
Mentored Composition Teaching    1900-2130 R

This course provides a foundation for the effective teaching of first-year composition and other writing classes. Building from theory and pedagogy covered in English 5007 and English 5500, we will immerse ourselves in the praxis of teaching writing at the college level. Students should be prepared to engage vigorously in discussion, analysis, reflection, and performance.

The seminar will address these topics and activities:

  • Exploring various research strands related to the teaching of writing
  • Designing writing assignments
  • Crafting lesson plans
  • Facilitating peer review and workshops
  • Implementing strategies for effective conferences
  • Responding to and evaluating writing
  • Mock teaching of activities and/or concepts related to a writing assignment or an analytical reading/writing activity based on lesson plans
  • Facilitating productive discussions and small group work
  • Using in-class assessment practices
  • Reflecting on teaching experiences
  • Establishing ethos as an instructor
  • Building a course policy and syllabus
  • Constructing a persuasive and visually appealing curriculum vitae

Assembling a teaching portfolio—curriculum vitae, teaching philosophy, sample course policy, ENG 1001 course syllabus, sample assignments, and sample handouts