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Spring 2014 Course Descriptions

English 5001  Studies in Old and Middle English Literature: Anglo-Saxon Language and Literature

English 5001 Section 001       CRN 38092
Studies in Old and Middle English Literature
: Anglo-Saxon Language and Literature     1530-1800 R

In this course we will venture where few Eastern students have ventured before--into the Anglo-Saxon language and literature. The focus of the course will be on the literature itself, but we will be learning, as much as is possible in one semester, to translate the original Anglo-Saxon. It is understood, of course, that no students will have had any formal training in the language.  Consequently, most of our readings will be short: selections from the Chronicle, the battle poems, The Dream of the Rood, Wanderer, Seafarer, etc.  Because its text is difficult, we will read Beowulf in translation. This course will serve as an excellent introduction to both Old English and the Anglo-Saxon literature. Its pace will be relaxed, the class meetings fun. For those thinking of going on for the Ph.D., this course may also fulfill in part or in whole the language requirement for the terminal degree. Requirements: one short paper (4-5 pages), one longer paper (about 8 pages), two hourly exams, and a brief oral report.