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Spring 2014 Course Descriptions

English 4801  Integrating the English Language Arts

English 4801 Section 001       CRN 31649
Integrating the English Language Arts    1400-1515 TR

This course centers on connecting pedagogical theory and its practical applications for integrating the English language arts, including literature, composition, speech, drama, and media. Future teachers will have the opportunity to learn how to integrate a variety of methods grounded in theories in the teaching of English Language Arts, as well as strategies for teaching non-traditional texts from popular culture. Adapting written and oral communication to audience and situation; recognizing components of effective oral and written communication; and integrating technology and media into the language arts classroom will be key elements of this course. Course work will include:  response papers, pedagogical research, lesson plans, unit design, authentic assessments, and various presentations. (Group 1)

Prerequisites & Notes:  ENG 2901, SED 3330 and EDP 3331; for ISEP students, SED 3000 and 3100; for Middle Level Education majors, MLE 3110