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Spring 2014 Course Descriptions

English 3901  Language and Linguistics

English 3901 Section 001     CRN 35726
Language and Linguistics   1100-1150 MWF

This class offers a survey and introduction to the field of linguistics:  speech sounds, word formation, syntactic structures, how language has changed over time. We will look at examples from Old English and Modern English. We will also study the social context of language:  important issues about American dialects, child language, and bilingualism. Students will get much hands-on experience with language through exercises, word problems, and worksheets. The primary aim of the course is to provide students with analytical tools that will allow them to think critically and independently about linguistic structures they encounter in texts they read, and in their own writing.

This class is especially recommended for English, Journalism, Foreign Language and Education majors, and writing minors.

Class format will be informal lecture and class discussion. Final grade will be based on in-class exams, home assignments, and a research project.  (Group 1)