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Spring 2014 Course Descriptions

English 2205  Introduction to Literary Studies

English 2205 Section 001    CRN 31580
Introduction to Literary Studies    1400-1515 TR

Welcome to the English major.  Where else can you study topics as diverse as the strange and surprising history of the English language, the original stories about King Arthur or Frankenstein, the Harlem Renaissance and the English Renaissance, the drawing rooms of Jane Austen, the Beat generation on the road with Jack Kerouac, slam poetry, science fiction, Shakespeare, graphic novels--not to mention the writing of tomorrow, writing done by people like you?

The diversity of subjects makes the English major an exciting and challenging place to be.  English majors are careful, critical thinkers and thoughtful, cogent writers. This course will prepare you to use advanced interpretive strategies and research tools that will allow you to develop your own critical voice, one you will take with you as you proceed through the major and to the world outside the university. Balancing creativity with mental discipline is the hallmark of the English major, and in this course we will introduce you to the ways in which people in our field walk that particular tight-rope. (Group 1)