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Spring 2013 Course Descriptions

English 2205  Introduction to Literary Studies

Section 001   CRN 31580
Introduction to Literary Studies    1400-1515 TR

This course is designed for students beginning the English major.  We will consider together what it is that serious students of literature do, how we do what we do, and why we do literary studies at all.

If you’re just beginning the English major (which is exactly when you should take this course), you should expect the unexpected as you are introduced to some of the fundamental problems in literary studies—problems of textuality, interpretation, research, and context.  Although you have taken “English” classes all your life, those classes weren’t designed for English majors.  In courses in the major, professors will expect you to be prepared to use advanced interpretive strategies and research tools and techniques that go far beyond what we ask of general education (or high school) students. They will also hope that you will have your own understanding of why you approach literature the way that you do, and that you will be prepared to introduce different perspectives on literary studies in class discussion and in your essays.

Readings will be challenging and diverse, and you will be expected to contribute actively and conscientiously. Other requirements include: short papers, midterm and final exam. (Group 1)