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Fall 2013 Course Descriptions

English 3806 British Romantic Literature

Section 001       CRN 90810
British Romantic Literature     1230-1345 TR 

In this course we will study British literature from 1780-1830, a historical and cultural period known as Romanticism—one of the most revolutionary periods in British literary history. During the first half of the course, we will survey a range of writers to get an overall feel for the period and its diversity, and then, in the second half of the course, focus more exclusively on the work of William Wordsworth and Mary Shelley--writers emblematic of the period but extraordinarily different in their cultural and political aesthetics. Besides working towards a sharper and more nuanced understanding of romanticism, we also consider how the period is relevant to the 21st century and whether we still might be living within a “romantic” sensibility.  (Group 3B)