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Fall 2013 Course Descriptions

English 3705  American Multicultural Literatures: Complicating Social Justice

Section 001       CRN 93617
American Multicultural Literatures: Complicating Social Justice     1200-1250 MWF  

This course in multicultural U.S. literature will offer future teachers, as well as anyone else interested in the literary history of the United States, a way into this subject by sustaining an in-depth conversation about the nineteenth century as a period during which particular struggles between sometimes literally warring ethnic groups provided the terrain for literary production. Moreover, we will use this literature both as an entrée into intellectual history and as the occasion to examine historically remote antagonisms that continue to shape our daily lives as inhabitants of twenty-first-century North America. These conflicts will include those surrounding the enslavement of millions of African Americans during the antebellum period; that expelled an entire nation of indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands in what is now known as Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina; and that annexed virtually half of Mexico in a war many Americans would seem to rather forget, or never remember. Two papers, two exams, and avid participation required. (Group 2)