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Fall 2013 Course Descriptions

English 3406 Literature for Pre-Adolescents

Section 001       CRN 95787
Literature for Pre-Adolescents     1400-1515 TR

This course will introduce students to the diverse and ever-increasing body of literature that occupies a loosely defined zone between children’s and young adult literature and is read by, written for, and/or deemed appropriate for that group designated variously as middle-schoolers, tweens or pre-adolescents. (Ages 8-12? 9-13? Grades 4-8) We will examine a rich variety of literature, both old and new, in such traditional genres as the novel, short fiction and poetry. We will be paying special attention to newer, hybrid and experimental genres such as the comic book and graphic novels as well as works of dystopian science fiction, historical realism and romance, horror, and both comic and epic fantasy. Our discussions and writing will, among other things, explore social/historical contexts for the literature, examine questions of ideology, authority and censorship, race and gender representation, pedagogical approaches and current scholarly criticism. Students will write several short projects in such forms as book reviews and annotated bibliographies in addition to one longer and fully developed academic essay employing scholarly research. (Group 5)