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Fall 2013 Course Description

English 2091  Literature, the Self, and the World: Poetry (Honors)

Section 099       CRN 95813
Literature, the Self, & the World: Poetry, Honors     1300-1350 MWF  

In the Bible in the book of Job and in the poetry by Sappho we are given two of the earliest poetic glimpses into the minds and hearts of individual human beings, and into the cultures which shaped the beginnings of western society. Through poetry, human beings have conveyed the most intimate parts of themselves and of the times in which they live. Yet what is poetry? Why do people write poetry? We will try to understand poems through the specific voices they present to us, and we will examine the efforts they make at revealing the many truths about being human. We will read modern and contemporary poems from different times, cultures and places, and we will see how different experiences shape the voices we encounter, and how they in turn affect our reading of the poems. Possible requirements: in-class essays, 2 papers, final exam. (General Education)