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Fall 2013 Course Descriptions


English 2009  Literature and Human Values (3 Sections)

Section 001       CRN 90657
Literature and Human Values: Love, Hate, Obsession
0930-1045 TR

A study of some of the universal, recurring issues facing the individual, as they are dealt with in a selection of literary texts from diverse cultures.  (General Education)

Section 002       CRN 90658
Jamila Smith
Literature and Human Values: Race, Age, Gender
1000-1050 MWF

This course offers a critical examination and creative exploration of the intersections of race, age, and gender in the lives and literacies of the Black woman. Through course readings of multimodal texts (film, oral and written narrative, music, young adult literature, fiction and memoir by Black women writers) and lively discussion, we will discuss and critique the ways the Black women gets re-presented in the word and world. (General Education)

English 2009G Section 003       CRN 90659
Literature and Human Values: Labor, Class, Power
1500-1615 MW

This course will invite students into a semester-long consideration of the subjects of labor, class, and power by examining, first, several nineteenth-century works of literature written as English-speaking authors on both sides of the Atlantic responded to shifts in industrial technology that hearkened significant changes in the lives of working-class people. But we will also consider more contemporary works that ask questions concerning our own relations with work in the twenty-first century, even as we use such texts as the occasion to ponder the forms of power toward which we might aspire, the kinds of work those forms of power entail, and also, for that matter, what university education has to do with either subject. Authors may include Thomas Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Rebecca Harding Davis, Frederick Douglass, William Wordsworth, Lydia Maria Child, Barbara Ehrenreich, Hillary Mantel, or Ian McEwan. Two papers and avid, garrulous participation required.  (General Education)