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Public universities in the state of Illinois are required to classify professional (non-academic), technical, and support staff according to established civil service job classifications. All staff jobs, except those determined by the Civil Service Merit Board to be administrative/ professional in nature, are classified as civil service. Civil service positions require applicants to go through a specific process to ensure they are treated equally.  

Knowledge tests and/or credentials assessments are necessary for all civil service positions. The Examinations staff will complete a screening and verify for which classifications you are eligible to test. After this point, you will schedule your exam(s). EIU's Employment/Examinations office offers 'continuous and open testing' so you may schedule an exam for any classification for which you are eligible even if a position is not yet vacant. Your score on each exam will determine your placement on the corresponding register (a list of the most highly qualified candidates for each classification based on test scores). Most vacancies are not announced and positions are filled from established registers. It is important that you keep your contact information current for this reason.

Please visit the  Employment/Examinations website and learn more about how to apply for a civil service position and view a  list of EIU classifications  and salary structures.

Civil Service also allows for some temporary extra-help classifications that do not include benefits.  See the Employment/Examinations website or contact the office to learn more.