TPS EIU Jump-Start!

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TPS EIU Jump-Start is a new, intensive four-week professional development program held at your school. Beneficial for educators of all grade levels and disciplines.  Click here for a printable brochure.

TPS EIU Jump-Start!  

A new professional development program that allows educators to learn about Library of Congress resources and best practices for teaching with primary sources while creating an activity to use with students NOW!  Following implementation, the group professionally analyzes the experience and discusses other applications.  All within four weeks!  

This program is a condensed, more intense version of TPS EIU in Action which is a collaborative project designed to support current K-12 teachers as they develop a culture of teaching with primary sources within their school.  The goal is an educational community in which primary sources are an embedded part of curriculum and not a “special project” or one time occurrence.  It is the belief of TPS EIU that as educators regularly use and become comfortable with incorporating primary sources into the classroom, they model these practices and share their success with peers. As a teacher makes primary sources a regular tool in the classroom, they look to the Library of Congress website for additional resources and encourage colleagues to do the same.  Consequently, students benefit from an ever-expanding range of resources available to educators to meet diverse student needs.  Materials will be shared on the TPS EIU website and shared with the national Teaching with Primary Sources consortium.


WANTED!   A group of four to ten teachers to collaborate in a four week program in which they will: learn about Library of Congress educational initiatives and the value of teaching with primary sources; create a primary source based activity to be authentically implemented with students and share professional insight and feedback on the teaching and learning experience.

Whether you are alumni of Teaching with Primary Sources EIU, a new member of your faculty team or a brand new teacher - the Library of Congress has resources that will support your teaching. 

A common misconception is that TPS EIU is only beneficial to social studies and history teachers.  While they are some of the biggest fans, educators of all disciplines and grades find valuable resources for their classrooms and experience the benefits of teaching with primary sources that come in a variety of formats, from diverse people and places and across decades and eras. 

When and Where?
Meet after, before or during the school day in a computer lab convenient for teachers. Check our calendar at in the upper right corner.

IMPORTANT! You will teach with your activity during the chosen schedule.  It is crucial that you review school calendars and curriculum plans prior to scheduling.

Schedule: Participants will meet:
Week One: Meeting #1 (Mon. or Tues.) 3 hours
                 Introduction and Fundamentals
                     Meeting #2 (Thurs. or Fri.) 1 hour
                 Planning and Development

Week Two:  Meeting #3 1 hour
                 Planning and Development

Week Three: Implementation

Week Four: Meeting #4 1 hour
                 Reflection and Discussion

This program requires some independent work beyond meetings. TPS EIU support is available by way of email or added meetings. 

Participants will attend all meetings, create and submit a TPS formatted primary source activity, implement their resource with students, then submit a thoughtful, professional reflection.

Teachers who fulfill all program requirements will receive a minimum of 6 cpdus and a stipend. Please contact us for additional information.


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Director: Cindy Rich, Ph.D.  



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