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Literacy: Looking Beyond Words to See the Big Picture





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While an obvious fit for Language Arts and Social Studies educators, this program is for ALL TEACHERS!! 

TPS EIU has developed programs to highlight the natural alignment of the effective use of primary sources in the classroom and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Thoughtful primary source analysis and careful reading (using techniques such as Close) guide students through the skills and understandings that the CCSS define. 

Regardless of discipline, all students transfer knowledge and skills as they embrace the language and practices within that content area through multiple, diverse and informational texts.  Let us show you how it all fits in the big picture!

We also look at a research-based approach that supports three major instructional shifts outlined in the CCSS:  a focus on content-rich and complex text, academic vocabulary, and the use of evidence in reading, writing, and classroom discussion.

Think of it this way, you run in most any sport that you play. You learned to run when you were small, but within each sport the level of  complexity increases and you change the way you run as well as add new skills. 

As students progress through each grade, they build on the skills and knowledge they have and embrace new techniques and information to broaden their “intelligence” in that discipline. I learned to “speak” football when my sons played. When I became interested in gardening, I learned the language.  Each day we plant seeds and nurture growing minds and spirits.  Maybe you will ignite a spark and inspire a student to take your place in front of the classroom one day.

Want to learn more or have an idea? Email Dr. Cindy Rich, TPS EIU Program Director at or call 217-581-7857. We are happy to discuss possible topics and schedules or simply answer questions. 

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