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PSM in Geographic Information Systems Gives International Student Valuable Experience: An Interview with Anwesh Ponugumati

Tell us about your experience in the GIS field:

Anwesh Ponugumati

My name is Anwesh Ponugumati from India and I am currently pursuing a Professional Science Master’s in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at EIU. I am an urban and regional planner holding a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning. I have 6 years of experience through which I gained knowledge and honed skills in housing development, urban design, transportation planning, economic development, land use, and environmental planning in preparing the master plans for cities. During preparation of development polices for cities physical surveys, performing demographics and other non-spatial analysis are considered. Presently, urban planners in all functional areas (e.g., city planning, transportation, social services, etc.) around the world use geographic information systems in both developed countries and developing countries.

Why did you find EIU's program attractive?

As an Urban Planner I’ve used GIS in many projects to develop base maps & to analyze the area. This experience has driven me to pursue the GIS program to learn more and to attain expertise in GIS. With zeal I started searching for a course which suits my profile. I found EIU’s curriculum suits me because this course is under the Geography, Biology and Management departments. It’s an interdisciplinary course. As an Urban Planner I need to learn about using GIS in environment, infrastructure and spatial areas. All these fields are included in the curriculum of PSM, which made me to opt for EIU. All faculties have a PHD, which also created an interest in me to opt for this course.


Describe your experience with the faculty at EIU.

The faculty in the PSM program is very cooperative and helpful. The faculty is from diverse academic backgrounds with vast experience in their respective fields as well as GIS. Though the teaching method used is one to all, every individual is taken care of and often there are one on one interaction between the student and faculty. The faculty ensures that the curriculum is updated suiting the needs of the industry. The faculty can be contacted for any academic assistance and they are helpful and cooperative.

Why would you recommend EIU's GIS program to someone else?

I recommend the program to all prospective students who want to make a career in the field of GIS. This program consists of all necessary modules with which one can build their career in the field of GIS with respect to Urban Planning, Environment Planning, Geography, Biology, Geology, Archeology and many more. One can attain professional exposure in the course while pursuing EIU’s PSM in GIS which is an interdisciplinary course providing widespread opportunities. I strongly recommend the PSM-GIS offered by EIU as it offers industry-oriented curriculum, cost effectiveness and a good dedicated GIS lab with licensed ESRI GIS software.


For more information about the PSM in GIS please visit our website here or email Kevin Vicker, Director of International Students and Scholars at kpvicker@eiu.edu.