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Global Ambassadors Plaza  Global Ambassadors Plaza

With the planned Global Ambassadors Plaza, Eastern Illinois University is making plans to honor past, present and future international students with a plaza signifying the importance of globalization on Eastern Illinois University's campus as well as throughout the world.

Construction for this donation-funded project is set to take place just outside the east entrance of Blair Hall, which houses EIU's Office of International Students and Scholars.

Named for the title given to international alumni who have distinguished themselves as global ambassadors, the plaza will celebrate the thousands of international students who have enriched the campus and community during their studies at Eastern by offering a permanent tribute to international diversity and the university's commitment to global citizenship.

Click here for larger image, which includes a diagram of the plaza's proposed features. Watercolor rendering by Laura Linn. 

Gift-Giving Opportunities

Those interested in providing a gift toward the construction of the Global Ambassadors Plaza can designate which portion of the construction they'd like to sponsor. As commitments are made, donors will be recognized on this page and will also have their name listed publicly near the completed plaza, (unless otherwise instructed).

Plaza (Main Elements)

Gift OpportunityEstimated CostSponsor(s)
Pavement (Other) $19,500  
Seatwall One $30,000  
Seatwall Two $30,000  
Flagpoles (3 Total) $15,000  
Benches $8,000  
Trellis $150,000  
Landscaping $100,000  
Entry Walls/Piers $80,000  
Lighting $50,000  
Signage $40,000  

Pavement (Map) Breakdown

Gift OpportunityEstimated CostSponsor(s)
North America $7,000 Allison Witt, Dagni Bredesen, Marilyn Coles, Bill Elliott, Sue Songer, Blair Lord, Debbie Black
South America $3,000  
Africa $6,000 Nicholas Obiri
Antarctica $5,000  
Europe $2,000 Marko Grünhagen
Asia $11,000 Daniel Wang, P.J Sidhu, Amy Luo, Tian Li, Yuhuan Chen
Australia $2,000  
Pacific Ocean $34,000  
Atlantic Ocean $17,000  
Indian Ocean $25,000  
Arctic Ocean $8,500