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Name Languages Places Lived Experience
Dr. Teshome Abebe Amharic, English Ethiopia, United States
Dr. Olga Abella Spanish
Dr. Ahmed S Abou-Zaid English - Arabic Egypt - USA
Dr. Gurkan I Akalin English, Turkish; basic level German and Russian Turkey Traveled extensively in Europe especially in Central and Eastern Europe.
Dr. Alejandra Alvarado English and Spanish
Prof. Carlos C Amaya, Ph.D. Spanish / English/ some Portuguese El Salvador Leader of the Spring Break Study Abroad Trip in Guatemala (Other countries I have lead groups include Ecuador, and Cadiz, Spain)
Melissa Ames English, some French England (summer), Italy (summer) Studied Abroad for a summer session in Italy and at Corpus Christie University in Oxford, England. Additional travels included France, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
Jamiu A Amusa English, Yoruba Nigeria, USA. Political Economy, Development Economics, Financial Development, International Economics, Econometrics
Dr. Jeanette Andrade Spanish
Dr. Angela B Anthony Study Abroad in New Zealand & Australia (May 2014)
Dr. Gary E Aylesworth German, Some French Germany I have given conference papers in Canada, Germany, Estonia, Italy, England, Taiwan and Singapore.
Dr. Brian Beakley French; some Italian France Travel to France, England, Hong Kong, Vietnam
Dr. Roger B Beck French, Afrikaans, German, Dutch, Italian France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, England, Ireland 12 years living abroad; Fulbright Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship -- South Africa, Great Britain, the Netherlands; Fulbright Group Study Award -- Brazil; Taught 2 years each at American Scho
Ms. Shannon Y Bell Germany Lived in Mannheim, Germany (1994 - 1997) while serving in the United States Army
Lucinda A Berry England, Japan Taught English at Baiko Daigakuin, Shimonoseki, Japan
Dr. Jonathan P Blitz USA, Australia Fulbright senior scholar, Canberra, Australia. Conference organizer, Kiev, Ukraine. Invited talks/visits to Tuebingen, Germany; Antalya, Turkey.
Dr. David J Boggs English, Haitian Creole, some French and Spanish USA, Canada, Haiti, Suriname Research presented on five continents; Latin America & Caribbean; two months at Beijing/Peking University; study abroad programs to Europe (6X) and Panama (6X); Bolivia with Rotary International
Dr. Eric K Bollinger Faculty led course in subtropical and marine ecology in the Bahamas (Andros Island)
Dr. Jonathan L Bowman Japanese Japan, Italy
Dr. Dagni A Bredesen USA, Canada, South Africa, England. Have led study abroad programs to the UK and to South Africa.
Teresa Britton The Good Life: Short Term Summer Study Abroad in Italy Past Invited Speaker University of Genova Philosophy Department Speaker Series, Genoa Italy
Dr. Tamatha (Lisa) L Brooks English U.S. Founded study abroad program between EIU and Apicius/Palazzi in 2003. Led customized study abroad trips to Florence, Italy on Food, Wine, and Mediterranean Cuisine; Fashion, Food, and Wine. Exploring
Ms. Ann E Brownson English, A little German Travel to Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Scotland, India, Nicaragua
Dr. Diane M Burns United State, Norway
Dr. John V. Cabage, Jr. Japan, Taiwan, United States
Julie D. Campbell Proficient in Italian and French I translate French and Italian into English in my work on Renaissance/early modern literature. I have done research in libraries in France and Italy.
Dr. Thomas Canam Canada I was born, raised and educated in Canada. I have lived in New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia - so have experienced the many different subcultures across the country.
Stephen A Canfield English, French Belgium, France, Senegal Research interests include Québecois literature, French literature, second language acquisition; co-directed Summer in Paris faculty led group and taught French language and literature in the program
Dr. Gary L Canivez Past and present research conducted in Canada, Ireland, China, Italy, and Switzerland
Dr. Vanesa Carbonetti Landrus Spanish, English Argentina Leader of the Study Abroad Program to Costa Rica and Cordoba, Argentina
Dr. Chad Carlson English USA Research interests in global sport; conferences attended in Canada, England, Wales, Italy, and Japan; led students on trips to England, Mexico
Mrs. Janet L Carpenter Germany
Dr. Daniel J Carter Co-faculty director for study abroad program to Andros Island, Bahamas
Candra Chahyadi, Ph.D., CFA English, Indonesian, Chinese USA, Indonesia, China
Dr. Austin C. Cheney Dr. Cheney has traveled abroad in China, France, and Italy, helping to establish a unique three week study abroad experience in Florence, Rome, Venice, throughout Tuscany, and Bologna exotic manufactu
Qian Cheng English, Chinese
Mr. John L Coffey English U. S. n/a
Mr. James A Coleman Trip leader for Study Abroad Ireland 2012 and 2014. A cross culture study of Ireland and Northern Ireland circumventing the is;and in 26 days
Dr. Marilyn J Coles English, German, French, some Italian Germany, France, Austria, The Netherlands Sang opera & lived 10 years in Germany; taught English & translator in German language school; performing engagements in Italy, France, & Austria; studied abroad in Paris; studied & performed in Graz,
Carole R. Collins-Ayanlaja English Proficient; French Intermediate; Spanish and Yoruba Beginning USA-Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, and Connecticut Research Interests-Educational Leadership, Policy, and Practice; Educational Equity and Access for Minoritized groups; Cultural competency, Curriculum, and Schooling Environment, and School/Family En
Dr. Kent R Conrad Mandarin Mainland China, South Korea May 2013 - Trip to mainland China with faculty and students of the department of Theatre at the University of Illinois. Presented masterclasses in American musical theatre in Shanghai and Hohot, Mong
Mr. Andrew A Cougill Belgium, United Kingdom 1997-1998: EIU Study Abroad Student to the University of Glamorgan (now University of South Wales, Pontypridd Campus) in Treforest, Wales
Mr. Cameron D Craig English (native) Faculty led docu-film expeditions to the Rockies, Southwest U.S. (water resources), and Gulf Coast (oil spill). Traveled extensively in Taiwan. Faculty led trip to Taiwan planned for May 2015.
Mr. Jonathan L Crask English (Native) Korean (some) United States Korea USMC
Dr. Nancy J. Crone Germany
Mrs. Juanita C Cross Spanish Study Abroad (Costa Rica)
Dr. Lynne E Curry Switzerland Conference papers delivered at King's College (London); University of Strathclyde (Glasgow); University of Norrkoping (Norrkoping, Sweden); University of Anger (Anger, France); University of Halifax
Srikanth Dandotkar English, Hindi, & Telugu USA; India
Dr. Steven L. Daniel German Germany Lived in Bayreuth, Germany from 1991-1996, worked (research, taught) in the Department of Ecological Microbiology at Universität Bayreuth, and have done bicycle trips in Burgundy and Dordogne, France
Dr. Minh Q Dao Vietnamese, French Vietnam Maastricht Center for Transatlantic Studies, the Netherlands, May-June 2004
Dr. Jill L Deppe English (native) and Spanish USA and Mexico Lived in Mexico, conducts wildlife research in Central Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, led short workshops on ecological field techniques for undergraduates in Mexico, leads conservation outreach ac
Dr. Jose R Deustua-Carvallo English, Spanish, French (fluent), he also reads Quechua, Italian, Portuguese Peru, France, USA
Dr. Julie T Dietz My older son lived in northern Poland 2011-12, and my daughter lived in Hungary 2014-15. In December 2016, my daughter and I went to Hungary to visit her host family and see Budapest. What an incred
Mr. Steven M. DiNaso Italian
Dr. Michael E. Dobbs Some Spanish U.S. only Traveled throughout Mexico and also to Guatemala; traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia; and also to Canada.
Dr. Stefan Eckert English and German Germany Member of the Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie (gmth) [German Society for Music Theory]. Conference Participation in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England, and Ireland.
Dr. Christina R Edmonds-Behrend English
Sace E Elder German Germany Faculty-led study abroad: "History and Memory in the New Germany" Summer 2015 and Summer 2019
Dr. Richard England UK, Canada, USA
Tim Engles Turkey and South Korea Writing for a travel magazine (two years) and teaching conversational English (two years).
Dr. Christiane K Eydt-Beebe German (native); some French Germany; England Developed and directed study abroad program in Germany--History and Memory in the New Germany (with Dr. Sace Elder, History). Su 2015. Education: Universität Marburg; Universität Göttingen.
Ms. Jill K Fahy French Extensive travel throughout Europe for personal, educational, and business purposes.
Mrs. Debbie A Fay English
Dr. Kathryn M Fenton English, French Canada, U.S. Attended university in Quebec (Canada); studied abroad in France; taught university in Ontario; main research interest centers on 19th/20th Century French and Italian Opera; completed one-month archiv
Pamela Ferrell English, Spanish USA, Puerto Rico Puerto Rican literature and history
Rachel Z Fisher English & Spanish Australia, England
Dr. Luminita D Florea English, Romanian, French, Italian, Hungarian; languages read: Latin, German (with a dictionary), Russian (with a dictionary) U.S.A., Romania
Dr. Gregory Galperin English, Russian USA, Russia, Germany Research interest: MATHEMATICS (Dynamical Systems, Geometry, Topology). A former student of I.I. PYATETSKI-SHAPIRO and A.N. KOLMOGOROV (defended the PhD on Dynamical Systems under the supervision of
Dr. Norman A Garrett Spanish Guatemala, El Salvador
Dr. Linda S Ghent Led students to Barbados for 10-day Study Abroad trip (with Dr. Tesa Leonce), Summer 2010.
Ms. Corey J Gifford Extensive Haiti relief experience
Corey J Gifford, M.S. Extensive Haiti relief experience
Dr. Angela C Glaros English, Modern Greek, French United States, Greece Conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Greece on gender and traditional music on the island of Skyros. Research interests include music in religious practice, folk and traditional music in Greece, the M
Dr. Evgeny I Gordon Russian, English Russia, US Nonstandard Analysis, Boolean-valued Analysis, Harmonic Analysis on groups. I have joint research projects with the dynamical systems group in the Independent University of San-Luis Potosi, Mexico an
Dr. Suzanne Gosse English Clinical Research in diabetes management, Critical thinking in nurses
David Gracon Ph.D. Japanese and Spanish (basic) Japan. Ukraine. Teacher of English in Japan, China, Poland and Lithuania. US Fulbright Scholar in Ukraine 2017-2018.
Dr. Marita Gronnvoll, Ph.D. English; some ASL USA - Northwest, Southeast, Midwest.
Stephanie M Gruner Study Abroad: Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
Dr. Naomi Gurevich Russian, Hebrew, English, Modern Greek (some) Russia, Republic of Georgia, Israel, Canada, US, Greece Developed online learning materials for non-Western languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili, Wolof, and Sindhi. Taught EFL in Greece for several years. Worked for Center for International Business
Dr. Kathryn A Havercroft English USA Interest in Comparative Education in Ireland
Dr. Hongshan He English, Chinese US, China
Ruth Hoberman English (native); some French, German studied abroad in France (summer), Germany (semester); taught in UK one semester participated in many study-abroad trips in UK, taught spring 2010 at Harlaxton (UK), travel experience in UK, France, Italy, Germany. Served on Fulbright screening committee (for UK) 2010-2012.
Kelly M Holland English (native), Spanish (advanced) U.S., Spain England, Ireland, Wales: conducted site visits. Nicaragua: led EIU spring break program. Spain: semester abroad, worked for Spanish Ministry of Education. Various additional travel.
Dr. Carla S Honselman Faculty-led Study Abroad: Mediterranean Cuisine, Florence Italy, Summer 2014
Mr. Adam L Howarth England
Dr. Kevin G Hussey Coaching Badminton in Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, Korea with USA Badminton
Dr. L R Hyder England Spring 2011 Visiting Professor at Harlaxton College, UK Summer 1994 Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program to Ireland
Dr. Toqeer A Israr English, Urdu, Hindi Pakistan, Canada, USA Lived in Canada, USA and Pakistan. Research interests lie in the area of computer technology - more specifically Software Engineering and Big Data - Please see http://www.eiu.edu/tech/faculty.php?id=
Claudia Janssen Danyi, Ph.D. English, German United States, Germany born and raised in Germany; graduate education in United States; taught and researched in Berlin, Germany (2012-2014); taught in Istanbul, Turkey; headed international MBA program with students from a
Daniel B Johnson English, Spanish, French United States and Mexico I was a Foreign Service Officer in the US DOS traveling and working in Central America. I have traveled extensively in Spain and will be teaching a sustainability course in Barcelona in 2014. I pre
Richard G. Jones, Jr., Ph.D. Sweden, United States Socio-cultural Studies Exchange Program, Växjö University, Sweden, Spring 2002 M.A. Capstone Project: Home Away From Home: Identity Creation through Practice in a Community of International Student
Dr. Mariana M Juras English, Portuguese, Spanish US, Brazil My research interests and experience include Brazilian and Latin America population, especially children and families. I'm considering to propose soon a faculty led trip to Brazil. I have also studied
Dr. Mahmoud (Max) Kashefi Turkish, farsi, and English Iran and United State of America (USA) Global Social Changes, Social Revolutions, many publications in International Journals
Dr. Mark S. Kattenbraker Germany, Turkey
Dr. Newton Key UK (London, Cambridge, Hereford, Harlaxton); USA (RI, MA, CT, NY, VA, TX, AL, CA, IL) Led study abroad summer courses centered in Harlaxton and London (twice); and taught at Harlaxton spring semester (once). Have lived, worked, or studied in London, Cambridge, and Hereford. Have resear
Hwang (Bo) Kim English, Korean U.S. Korea
Stephen A. King, Ph.D. Jamaica Jamaica, Turkey, United Kingdom
Tiffany L Kline U.S. & U.K. 2004 - Studied International Business at Imperial College in London, U.K.
Dr. Lania D Knight China (Summer 2013) and Harlaxton in Grantham, England (Fall 2014)
Randy L Krepel English, Spanish Spring, 2006 - Study abroad in Madrid, Spain (and surrounding areas)
Ximing Kronenfeld Mandarin Chinese, Native English, fluent Japanese, intermediate
Dr. Barry J Kronenfeld Japanese, some Chinese Japan Lived in Japan for 3 years (1991-1994). Visit China regularly every 3-4 years.
Nicholas R Lamb English 2 tours of war in Afghanistan
Dr. Jinhee J Lee Korean, Japanese, Chinese (rudimentary), Spanish (rudimentary) Korea, Japan Research, teaching, and study abroad in Korea and Japan
Dr. Gloria A Leitschuh English Taught for one semester in Holland. Led students on field trip to Belgium. Presented at an International Conference in Greece. Conducted interviews with other Psychologists in Spain. Have also e
Dr. Tesa E. Leonce Explore Barbados Study Abroad
Dr. Katherine J Lewandowski English, some French USA, New Zealand Antarctica, Canada, Bahamas
Dr. Peter Ping Liu English and Chinese China and USA
Dr. Zhiwei Liu English, Chinese China, Sweden, Mexico Born, raised and educated in China, doctoral studies in Sweden, and one graduate course in Mexico. Research in China, Sweden, and Mexico, and teaching experiences in China and Mexico. Co-leader of St
Dr. Michael D Loudon English, some German, poco Spanish, faint Gujurati India, Columbia, Trinidad, Switzerland, Italy, Guam Research interests in South Africa, India, Trinidad and Caribbean; student study abroad in India (one year), graduate assistant in Columbia (two months); Fulbright Scholar in Trinidad (1990-1991), Vis
Mrs. Shilpa Maheshwari Hindi(Native), English Fluent India, Kenya, Canada Taught in High Schools in India & Kenya
Dr. Anabela Maia English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Dutch Portugal, Belgium Dr. Maia does research of Fish Biomechanics. She got her undergraduate degree from the University of Lisbon in Portugal and came to the US to pursue a PhD at the University of Rhode Island. She did so
Brian Mann Research proficient in Persian, Arabic, & French. Limited proficiency in Dari & Tajik. USA, UK, Tajikistan I have traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe.
Dr. Janet T Marquardt French Ireland, France 18 years leading study abroad in France (once including New York and London); Harlaxton faculty FA2011; research has involved archives and sites in Ireland, England, France, Germany, Italy.
Robert L Martínez English, Spanish
Dr. Eloy Martinez Spanish, English
Dr. Tim Mason English and a smattering of German, Spanish, French, and Italian USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey Instructor for the University of Maryland, University College, Overseas Program
Dr. Hasan F Mavi Turkish, Turkey I worked at Celal Bayar University in Turkey between 2003 and 2008.
Ryan L McDaniel Graduate Study Abroad in England: London, Norwich, and Canterbury Military Service Abroad in Italy
Dr. Kip L McGilliard English USA Mission trips to Cuba and Ecuador.
Dr. James N. McKirahan, Jr. Guest Lecturer at Vexjo University, Vexjo, Sweden (1999) in Polymers and Composites Manufacturing.
Dr. Tena L McNamara Study Abroad trip to New Zealand / Australia Spring 2014
Dr. David W Melton Florence, Italy
Dr. Christopher J Mitchell Sweden
Dr. Svetlana Mitrovski Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, English Serbia, USA Student trainee at Public Power Corporation, Athens, Greece, Summer 1988; Student trainee in Water Quality Institute, Horsholm, Denmark, Summer 1989, BS & MS at University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia (no
Dr. Lisa M Moyer English USA Have lead two study abroads to Florence, Italy for the School of Family and Consumer Sciences (2008 & 2009) and have traveled to Velletri, Italy twice (2010 & 2011) to spend time with some Italian fri
Dr. Stephen J Mullin English, moderate French Australia Study abroad in Ecuador; research in France; traveled to Canada, Mexico, Scotland, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Ne
Dr. Frances L Murphy English U.S. Sabbatical year in Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova during 1997-1998 to study culture and family life. Study abroad programs to South Africa in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2013. http://castle.eiu.e
Dr. Robin L. Murray Some German England Travels abroad include England, Scotland, Wales, and Italy.
Dr. Daniel P Nadler India, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Hungry, Czech Republic, England, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Thailand.
Dr. Daniele Nardi Italian (mother tongue) Italy, Philippines My research interest is in human cognition and spatial abilities. I have lived and studied in Italy, and currently I am collaborating with the Sapienza University of Rome.
Chris J Neate England
Dr. Lisa New Freeland English (native) Faculty led trips to Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Liaison for American College of Thessaloniki, Greece.
Paul W Noble England
Ahmed Salim Nuhu Sisala (Fluent), Akan/Twi (Fluent), West African Pidgin English (Fluent), Hausa (Intermediate) Ghana Junior National Young Leaders Conference, Washington DC Recycle Up Ghana Summer Camps
Dr. Kathleen A. O'Rourke Irish Heritage and Culture Italian Culture and Individual/Family Relationships Global Blue Zones - Centenarians and Aging/Longevity Predictors
Dr Jeanne E Okrasinski Russia - worked with a church for children's programming; Pakistan - worked to help update a retreat center; Ireland - helped lead a team to work with children's programming and soccer camp; Dominican
Dr. Kurt Olausen English; Italian (conversational); German (somewhat conversational); Some very elementary Spanish Italy, Germany As an undergraduate I spent a full 12 months studying abroad (summer in Italy, academic year in Germany). I have been working in the field of Education Abroad since 1994, and between my time as a stu
Dr. Jon A Oliver Winchester, Hampshire, England (short term study abroad-multiple times) Jinan, Shandong, China (short term-guest faculty presenter) Faculty-led study abroad trips to Winchester & London, England Guest sport studies presentations at Shandong Normal University - Jinan, China
Dr. Rosemary A Onyango Luo, Kiswahili, English Kenya
Zachary J Oscar English United States N/A
Dr. Henry R. Owen Canada Natural Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow in Biotechnology.
Dr. Kiran Padmaraju English, Hindi, Telugu U.S.A., India Participated in Toronto Study Abroad Co-Director for a Study Abroad Trip to India
Dr. Brenda K Page Okinawa, Japan 1972-3
Dr. Mildred M Pearson English USA Conducted research and faculty development workshops in Liberia, West Africa. Sabbatical in Okinawa, Japan where I also participated in College Fairs to recruit students for EIU. Collaborated with the
Dr Gopal R Periyannan English, Tamil, Sinhala Sri Lanka Taught at Southeastern University of Sri Lanka.
Dr. Robert S Petersen Indonesian Indonesia, Germany, and Great Britain Indonesia, India, China, Japan
Dr. Kathleen Phillips English U.S. Explored regions of Antarctica and the Arctic
Dr. Catherine L. Polydore English, French Creole Dominica
Will Porter Spanish, Portuguese, eMonega United Kingdom, New Zealand, Chile, Mozambique, USA
Mr. Thomas J Prater 'Merican U.S.A, Afghanistan
Jose G Puga English, Spanish Mexico
Ruben Quesada Spanish
Dr. Heidi Ramrattan Germany
Dr. Debra A Reid Denmark; Belgium I serve as first vice-president of the International Association of Agricultural Museums (AIMA: www.agriculturalmuseums.org) an affiliate of the International Council of Museums, organized in 1966 to
Mrs. Deborah Reifsteck Apicius Culinary Institute, Florence, Italy, Wine and Culture of Tuscany Program
Andrew Robinson, Ph.D., D.Div. Online Education, Organizational Communication, Religious Coping
Mr. James D Roche English & Spanish
Jamie V Ryan Spanish Concert tours in Europe and South Korea, music study in Cuba
Mr. Ihab A Saud 1- Arabic 2- English 3- Italian 1- Iraq 2- Italy 3- France 3- United States of America (Currently) 1- High School Diploma, Al-Rahman High School, Fallujah, Al-Anbar, Iraq 2- International Baccalaureate Diploma (I.B.), United World College of the Adriatic, Trieste, Italy. 3- Bachelor of Arts, Comp
Steven J Scher Spanish U.S. Spain Israel Canada
Teresa Maria Linda Scholz, Ph.D. Spanish Guatemala Latin America and Latin American women's human rights discourse.
Mr. Bill N Schultz Jr Italian (from an Italian background, minor in college), Spanish, working knowledge of French, a little German Italy Studied abroad as well as worked in Italy (Florence, Naples). Have travelled extensively throughout Italy, and have also traveled a fair amount in Austria (travel guide research) and Germany.
Anita Sego English
Nida S Sehweil-Elmuti Arabic Palestine Taught Anatomy and Physiology at Bir-Zeit university in Palestine
Scott E Shaffer United States, Germany
Swastika Sharma English, Nepali, Hindi Nepal
Dr. Katherine A Shaw Fashion Study Abroad Trip -- Florence, Italy
Dr. Mikki (Michelle) L Sherwood personal enrichment: Venice, London, Paris, Prague
Dr. Isaac Slaven Spanish (Conversational) Studies Abroad: Costa Rica, Denmark, China; Work Abroad: Honduras, Costa Rica; Travel: Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Bolivia, Austria, Sweden
Dr. David K Smith French France, Germany Extensive research and travel in France; study abroad trips led to Europe.
Chigozirim Utah Sodeke Nigeria
Dr. Ravi B Somayajulu English (fluent), Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, German (beginner) India My international travels include trips to Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Canada. Conference travels include trips to South Korea and Turkey
Dr. John Paul Stimac Australia, Iran, Pakistan, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, and Vietnam for extended periods (> 1 year) and People's Republic of China, Lebanon, and England for shorter periods (< 1 year). Visited ~30 other countries. Study abroad programs to Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, and Turkey. Research in Oman and People's Republic of China.
Dr. John R Storsved STA 5970-3970 The Sport Industry in the U.K. Faculty lead study abroad to the University of Winchester May 16-30, 2015
Jeffrey R Stowell In college, traveled with performing group to South America (Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile)
Dr. Duangrudi Suksang Thai, English
Keith W Sutterfield New Zealand and Australia June-July 2013
Krishna I Thomas Tagalog, Ilonggo, French Bahrain Grew up overseas
Dr. Dianne Timm I have studied in Cuba as a doctoral student. I served on an international delegation sponsored by NASPA to Ireland where we toured five institutions of higher education and attended a national confe
Emily D Tooy Serbo-Croatian, French, Surinaams, Ndyuka French Guiana, Suriname, Canada (Quebec), France My research interests include Maroon societies in the northern Amazon basin and African-American history.
Dr. Omer Topaloglu English, Turkish US, Turkey In 2007, I organized an international conference in Kyoto, Japan with 400+ participants from 50+ countries.
Dr. Marleis A Trover English International Experiences include the following: Invited Guest and Speaker to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education Principal Conference; Travel to Landmark Sites and Events in China, Shangh
Dr. Gordon C. Tucker English, French USA Study Abroad in China; research or conferences in UK, Nepal, Brazil, Mexico, China
Dr. Mukti P Upadhyay Nepali (native), English (fluent), Hindi (fluent), Chinese (basic), Thai (basic), Arabic (basic) Nepal, India, Thailand, Jordan, China Economist at Nepal Rastra Bank; Seminar presentations in Australia, China, Malaysia, Nepal, Jordan; Research interests in economic development of poor countries.
Ms. Desiree N Utz English
Kevin P Vicker Traveled extensively in Asia (China, South Korea, India, Nepal and Thailand) and also to South Africa, Haiti and the United Arab Emirates
A.J. Walsh Study Abroad Leader: Ireland/Northern Ireland Summer 2016-2018 Study Abroad Leader: Australia/New Zealand Summer 2015 Study Abroad Leader: Ireland/Northern Ireland Summer 2012
Dr. Richard (Zhe) Wang, CFA, CMA Mandarin Chinese, English Australia, China, Ireland, New Zealand
Dr. Chao Wen Chinese (Native), English (Fluent) China
C.C. Wharram English, German, a little French and a little Czech Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, the U.S.,and Austria Studied at universities in Canada and Germany; taught at universities in the Czech Republic and Austria; led a summer study abroad program in the UK
Dr. Brenda M. Wilson Germany, Korea
Dr. Robert C Wiseman English P.R.C. and Japan Visiting Professor to Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi'an, Shanxi, PRC Military service in Chitose, Hokkaido,Japan
David Wolski English USA Research in England, Scotland and Ireland. Faculty led study abroad in Ireland.
Mrs. Helen M Wood English U. S. A.
Dr. Marjorie Worthington Study Abroad to Harlaxton College
Dr. Diana A Wyatt a Research interests includes career development, training and development,organizational development, workforce development, prior learning assessment, experiential learning, strategic employee develop
Dr. Zhiqing Yan Chinese, and English China Research: Worked in Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (Shanghai, China) investigating synthesis of drug fragments such as Taxol, & oxidation components in household products such as detergents.
Dr. Bailey K Young Fluent in French, some German, a little Latin France (1970-1; 1973-1987); India (1971-73); since 1998 often in Belgium in July; spring semester 2013 at Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire, England Late Antique, Merovingian and Medieval archaeology (excavations in France 1974-1992; research archaeologist for Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris) 1977-1981; excavations in Languedo
Mrs. Christina S Yousaf English, Urdu, and Punjabi United States of America and Pakistan Research on "Drugs among Teenagers", and "Elderly women, coping with loneliness"