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Eastern Illinois University Welcomes Intensive English Center to Campus

Eastern Illinois University is proud to announce the addition of an intensive English program on campus through a partnership with The Language Company (TLC). TLC is an organization that provides carefully-designed English as a Second Language (ESL) programs to international students who are seeking either educational or personal enrichment in English. TLC is located at 14 different locations across the nation. The highly skilled language instructors from TLC will successfully prepare international students for their university studies. TLC also features a variety of cultural activities to introduce international students to the American culture. 

Located on the EIU campus in Thomas Hall, TLC has much to offer international students. Prospective international students of the university are now offered an opportunity to take intensive English courses before transitioning into the university as either an undergraduate or graduate student. A conditional admission offer to Eastern Illinois University is also available for qualified students through TLC-Charleston for all undergraduate and several graduate programs.

The partnership between TLC and Eastern Illinois University opens up great opportunities to students not only at TLC but also at the university. It enhances the diversity of the university campus and allows more international students to engage in the community.  

The first two students at TLC-Charleston from China, Shuo Wang and Zheng Gong talked about their experience so far:

I like the environment here. The air is fresh and the students are very friendly. It is a good environment to learn English. It is not very stressful. Teachers at The Language Company will arrange different activities outside of class too. The teachers are great. Other than assisting us in studies, they also help us in our living arrangements. For example, if I would like to move off-campus, they would help us to look for apartments. They help us do grocery shopping too.”

For more information or to apply for the program please visit the TLC website here.

For more information about conditional admission to Eastern Illinois University, please contact Kevin Vicker, Director of the Office of International Students and Scholars at kpvicker@eiu.edu

Chuck with students

Director Chuck Asche with TLC students enjoying Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site.











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TLC查尔斯顿校区第一批来自中国的学生王硕和Gong Zheng谈及他们来到这里的感受:“我喜欢这里的环境。空气新鲜,同学们非常友好。这里是个很适合学习英语的环境。TLC的老师会在课余安排很多活动,他们很棒。在帮助我们学习的同时,他们还帮助我们安排好住宿生活所需。比如,我想要搬到校外住,他们不但愿意帮助我们找合适的房子,还带我们去超市采购。”


东伊利诺伊大学有条件录取细则,请邮件联系国际学生学者办公室主任Kevin Vicker,其邮箱地址为:kpvicker@eiu.edu